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Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

I have found

Posted by Beamer at 5:15 PM

December 9th, 2008

Beamer: That it is best to avoid things that are sharp, hot and extremely heavy.

Bobby: What have you come across that is all 3 of those?

Beamer: Nothing, yet.

Beamer: Also avoid things that are old, driving crazy, and not paying attention.

Bobby: Are you trying to tell me something?

Beamer: Also try to avoid things that are sexy, smart, and talk softly.

Bobby: What is going on with you?

Beamer: I'm just saying.

Bobby: And what else?

Beamer: Avoid large people you owe money too and funny people that make you pee your pants.

Bobby: Are you just about through?

Beamer: Avoid Babies that have eaten a lot of stuff and someone has been tossing them in the air.

Bobby: And?

Beamer: That's it.

Bobby: Quite a list.

Beamer: Thanks.

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Very Grown up behavior

Posted by Beamer at 7:53 PM

December 4th, 2008

Bobby: Hello?

Bobby: HELLO?

Beamer: Sorry, I didn't know if we were still doing this or not.

Bobby: Oh, your so funny.

Beamer: Well, Look how long it has been since we have been here?

Bobby: And That's my fault?

Beamer: Mostly, yeah.

Bobby: Who says so?

Beamer: Mom.

Bobby: Yeah well she doesn't know everything.

Beamer: Yeah, well, so.

Bobby: What a nerd.

Beamer: Geeker

Bobby: Nerd

Beamer: Fart face.

Bobby: Double fart face.

Beamer: Triple Fart face.

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I can't wait ...

Posted by Beamer at 7:08 PM

November 26th, 2008

Beamer ... For tomorrow.

Bobby: Why?

Beamer: It's Thanksgiving, that's why.

Bobby: And what makes that so special?

Beamer: Well, aren't we a sour puss.

Bobby: Look, we eat all kinds of food, get halfway comatose, and then halfway pass out in front of the TV.

Beamer: Isn't comatose and passed out about the same thing?

Bobby: But I don't get comatose in front of the TV.

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Something New

Posted by Beamer at 4:29 AM

November 22nd, 2008

Bobby: Get over here.

Beamer: Whut?

Bobby: I want to show you something.

Beamer: Oh man, you know how I am with Computer stuff.

Bobby: Well, I am going to try and get you to understand some of this stuff.

Beamer: You've tried this before. It didn't work.

Bobby: Well I'm trying again.

Beamer: I don't know why.

Bobby: Cause you need to learn this stuff.

Beamer: But I was watching reruns of Mash. Trapper John was traveling to the front to ...

Bobby: Get over here!

Beamer: I liked it better when you weren't awake yesterday.

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C'mon Weekend

Posted by Beamer at 7:26 AM

November 21st, 2008

Beamer: Good Morning.

Bobby: Uhhh.

Beamer: Come on sunshine, give me a smile.

Bobby: Whuu?

Beamer: It's A gorgeous day out.

Bobby: Its gray and Overcast.

Beamer: You look like you could use some coffee.

Bobby: Yep.

Beamer: Aren't we online?

Bobby: Yeah, so?

Beamer: I thought you were supposed to be all chipper and talkitive and stuff when we were online.

Bobby: Your doing enough for both of us.

Beamer: I slept really really good last Night.

Bobby: I'm so happy for you.

Beamer: Wake up you, it's going to be ok?

Bobby: Oh my God, It's Friday isn't it?

Beamer: Yep.

Bobby: Yeah for the weekend!

Beamer: That's better.

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So how ya been?

Posted by Beamer at 9:20 AM

November 20th. 2008

Beamer: Well Hello Stranger.

Bobby: Hi There.

Beamer: Where you been hiding?

Bobby: I've been hanging out around Tweeter.

Beamer: You and your Musical Instruments.

Bobby: You don't know what Tweeter is do you?

Beamer: Sure, It's a very small flute like thing.

Bobby: You mean a fife?

Beamer: No, You don't like sharp Items.

Bobby: That's a knife. And I have no problem with them, It's broken glass that bothers me.

Beamer: I didn't know you could play a knife? What kind of sound does it make?

Bobby: It doesn't. It's a dull sounding piece of metal.

Beamer: Then how do you cut with it?

Bobby: There are times when you make my head hurt.

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It's how you say it that counts

Posted by Beamer at 11:49 AM

November 7th, 2008

Bobby: Well it's over.

Beamer: It?

Bobby: The Election.

Beamer: Really?

Bobby: Yeah!

Beamer: Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

Bobby: Do you know how many people voted in this election?

Beamer: A bunch?

Bobby: A bunch and you missed it.

Beamer: Yep. I was concentrating on Halloween.

Bobby: I know that is your Big Holiday.

Beamer: Well, after Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Bobby: That is true, I forgot about that.

Beamer: And Fourth of July isn't far behind. I love them fireworks.

Bobby: Got it.

Beamer: So, who won?

Bobby: Obama

Beamer: That wasn't the old guy was it?

Bobby: No, the young black dude won.

Beamer: Interesting.

Bobby: Is that all you have to say.

Beamer: Are we online?

Bobby: Yes we are.

Beamer: Nope that's it. That and farfegnugen. I love that word.

Bobby: Farfegnugen? That's it?

Beamer: Ok one more word - Watermelon.

Bobby: Yeah Ok.

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The day after

Posted by Beamer at 1:14 PM

November 1st, 2008

Bobby: You didn't go trick or treating last night?

Beamer: I couldn't find my teeth.

Bobby: You had those things for years. They were gross.

Beamer: They were my Lucky Candy Teeth. I had them since I was 12.

Bobby: I don't even want to think about all the germs there were on them.

Beamer: I had them for 18 years.

Bobby: What, your 20?

Beamer: In my world, yes.

Bobby: You can always buy new ones.

Beamer: I'm just not going trick or treating any more.

Bobby: Did it ever cross your mind your too old for that?

Beamer: What - are you to old to go to Disneyland? Are you too old to go to Seaworld?

Bobby: It's not the same.

Beamer: Are you too old to play Baseball?

Bobby: What is your problem?

Beamer: I didn't get my annual Candy Fix.

Bobby: Is that it? Is that your problem?

Bobby walks into the next room and brings back left over Halloween candy.

Bobby: Here - will that make you happy?

Beamer: It's a nice start.

Bobby: I know, it's not your 35 pound haul as usual.

Beamer: What 35 pounds? I had 52 pounds of candy last year. It took me 4 days to eat all that.

Bobby: I'm getting sick just thinking about it.

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Joe, Joe, Joe

Posted by Beamer at 5:33 AM

October 18th, 2008

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Posted by Beamer at 12:04 AM

October 10, 2008

Ok, Kathy, This is no way supposed to show or display what it is that you normally look like in any way shape or form. This is a representation on what it is like to have to deal with the Boys. With that being said I present to you:

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Part 2 of the Junk Drawer Interview

Posted by Beamer at 8:56 AM

October 8th, 2008

Bobby: Can I ask her a question?

Beamer: Fine.

Bobby: You must be pretty smart and Stuff. Did you get good grades in school?

Beamer: What a lame question.

Kathy: I was a sometimes honors student in grade school and high school, but really excelled in college, graduating summa cum laude. I never reveal my SAT score to anyone because the number is horrific. But it illustrates that the number is only one indicator for success in life, and dare I say, it was nearly meaningless in mine. It mattered not what my score was. It mattered that I’ve applied myself since then. If there’s one lesson to be learned, it’s that numbers aren’t everything. Time and perseverance can change all that.

Bobby: Did you get all that?

Beamer: Who was the first teacher to make a positive impact on your life?

Kathy: That would be Sister Pat Dwyer, my tenth grade English teacher. She was the first teacher to notice my writing talents and to tell me I ought to do something with it. She suggested I attend a Creative Arts camp that summer. Due to financial constraints, I couldn’t go, but just knowing she thought I had a talent for writing was a huge boost to my fragile ego. It was a pivotal moment for me.

Beamer: I loved The Image of where you post at your laptop during the warm Months, overlooking your Back yard. What made you think of moving out there?

Bobby: She posts from her back Yard?

Beamer: That's what she said she did, Post from her back yard. Uhm, What does that mean?

Bobby: I'll explain it to ya later.

Beamer: Ok.

Kathy: Ok?

Beamer: Oh Yeah, go ahead.

Kathy: I moved out there mostly so that I can keep an eye on my cat Stinky when she explores the yard. We have an invisible fence, but she can’t be trusted not to cross over it. I also want to get away from the distraction of TV noise, and I find that sitting outdoors helps clear my head and get the writing juices flowing. I also enjoy some of the most stunning sunsets on my patio. The kind that make you see God. I’m thinking about rearranging some furniture in our study to make it blogging-friendly. I need a cozy nook for those cold days when I can’t blog outside.

Beamer: You have such a great sense of Humor. Where do you think it came from?

Kathy: Oh, geez. Bless your heart. I’m embarrassed to even answer this question. I may write funny from time to time, but in no way am I the life of the party. I’m quiet and introverted. My husband is the Rodney Dangerfield of the house. And my best friend can tell a story that’ll make you pee your pants. I don’t know. Where does it come from? Perhaps it’s just my general philosophy about life. If you can’t find the funny, you’re doomed.

Beamer: There is one store that I can get lost in so easily, It's embarrassing. You seem to have that problem a little more often. Is it getting any better?

Kathy: Absolutely not, and I see no improvement in my future. You know how some people have a mental block for things like mathematics? That’s how I am with directions and navigation. Not gonna happen. I don’t even try anymore. I simply surround myself with others who can get from Point A to Point B and follow them around like a puppy.

Beamer:m I am almost afraid to ask How your old cat got her name of Stinky?

Kathy: When we acquired Stinky and her brother as kittens, we named them Calvin and Hobbes after the Bill Watterson comic that my husband and I love. Stinky never responded to the name Hobbes for some reason. Perhaps because of the soft “H” sound. One day, she visited the litter box and left a gag-inducing odor behind. I said “Boy, for such a little thing, she sure does stink!” The rest is history. What’s fun is when we take her to the vet and they call her name when she’s next in line. We exit the waiting room, trailed by the sound of chuckles from other pet owners.

Beamer: You have no Idea of how I want to ask you about Praying Mantises, But I won't. I know you don't like bugs.

Kathy: Thank you. I can’t even look at pictures of bugs and now I feel like something’s crawling on me just thinkin’ about them. Thanks. Now I’m freaking out.

Bobby: Way to go Beamer.

Beamer: How'd I know she was going to react like that. Well, thank You For letting me pick your Brain. It's been fun.

Kathy: Thank you so much for having me! Now if this had been a real Barbara Walters Special, everyone would be weeping by now. Hopefully no one cried during the reading of this post.

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The Junk Drawer Interview (at last)

Posted by Beamer at 1:33 AM

October 6th, 2008

Guys, I have been most fortunate to land an Interview With Kathy of Junk Drawer Fame. I think she is one amazing blogger and a very witty and crafty writer. I fell in love with her blog and her great sense of Humor. It got a little dicey here last minute about when to post it, but here it is, the first of two parts. Enjoy.

Beamer: Kathy, the Junk Drawer is a very popular Blog. How many years have you been working at this blog?

Kathy: First, thank you for inviting me. No one ever asked to interview me before. This is so Barbara Walters Special! I’ve been blogging since July 29, 2007. Sometimes it feels like an eternity because of the work involved in keeping it up, and sometimes I feel like I just started yesterday because I swear I still don’t know what I’m doing.

Beamer: Do You still do repairs on your Dad's Computer?

Kathy: Amazingly, no. My Dad is able to solve a lot of his own problems because he’s not afraid to poke around (carefully) and educate himself. The support session I gave him, documented in my very first post, came right after we got him the computer. But since then, he’s taken care of his issues mostly independently. I’m so proud of him. He’s the only 80-something guy in his apartment complex who owns a computer and I think that’s pretty awesome. Old geeks rule, too!

Beamer: Have you Given up on trying to get your Dad to update stuff anymore?

Kathy: I have given up trying to get his stand-alone Slingo game to work because he runs the Vista operating system, and the game he wants isn’t supported for Vista. But he makes do with the online version (although that doesn’t stop him from complaining about it). Oh, little tip. My Dad says if you don’t use email, you don’t get any spam! He’s serious.

Beamer: You seem to be pretty close to your sister. Are you older than her?

Bobby: Why would you ask her that?

Beamer: Because I'm conducting this interview that's why.

Bobby: But you didn't even tell me you were going to do this. Not fair.

Beamer: Did you ask me if you could ask Amy questions?

Bobby: Fine.

Kathy: Can I answer now?

Beamer: Don't mind him. He's jealous.

Kathy: Ok, about my Sister. Ann is two and a half years older than me, but we feel very twin-like since we were attached at the hip growing up. My eldest sister, Marlene, is 13 years older than me and so we didn’t share as many experiences together as young ones. We’ve actually gotten closer as we age, which I love. It’s like we started our sisterhood all over again!

Beamer: Do you and your sister get along pretty good?

Kathy: Yes, although she would tell you that our childhood living arrangements were challenging at times. We shared a bedroom. She was (and still is) an organized neat freak and I’m very much a slob. She hated how I’d toss clothes and other belongings all over the room. Fed up, one day she laid a piece of masking tape right down the middle of the floor. “Your crap stays on your side. Got it?” The tape remained until she moved away from home.

Bobby: Man, I should have done that with you.

Beamer: Would you shut up.

Kathy : But I thought you wanted to Interview me?

Beamer: No Kathy, not you. My Brother.

Kathy: Your Brother?

Beamer: Yeah, he's .. well, he was just right here.

Kathy: I didn't see any one else.

Beamer: Not to change the subject but How long have you been doing Technical Customer Service with Computers?

Kathy: Eight years. I started out in an accounting data control job I didn’t love, but it gave me a chance to learn more about computing systems and desktop support. I eventually became the person everyone went to for PC help and when a tech services job opened up, I applied and got it. It’s a very stressful job, but it’s never the same day twice. A boring job would surely kill me.

Part 1 of 2

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Posted by Beamer at 2:10 PM

October 5th, 2008

Ok, I am having to switch gears here big time. Kathy wants to announce on her Blog when I am going to post the Interview that I presently have on the Blog. I wish I would have read her comment before I had posted this. So I am going to pull the Interview and repost it on Tuesday. So if your reading the Interview and It disappears, you'll now why.

If you haven't read the Interview yet, you want to come back On Tuesday. I have Kathy, of Junk Drawer Fame, answering My questions. Also the first part of this won't make a lot of sense, but when has this blog made a lot of sense. Ok, maybe the Last Interview I did with Amy, but other than that, not often.

So you have a good day and come back her Tuesday for sure. You can come back tomorrow if you want as well. I'll let you.


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A very special Interview

Posted by Beamer at 1:51 PM

The Interview that was here isn't right now and will be reposted on Tuesday. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Crazy People

Posted by Beamer at 1:16 AM

October 1st, 2008

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Posted by Beamer at 7:11 AM

September 28th, 2008

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Breaking News

Posted by Beamer at 8:23 PM

September 23rd,2008

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My my my

Posted by Beamer at 9:39 PM

September 17th, 2008

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The Boys and Elvis

Posted by Beamer at 1:23 AM

September 15th, 2008

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Or maybe not

Posted by Beamer at 6:41 PM

September 11th, 2008

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Well, that's interesting

Posted by Beamer at 10:51 PM

September 9th, 2008

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Posted by Beamer at 4:37 PM

August 8th, 2008

Bobby: So he's going on a cruise?

Beamer: Seems that way. A cruise ... That's on a boat right?

Bobby: Yeah, that is where they usually take place.

Beamer: I couldn't handle that.

Bobby: Well, it's not like deep sea fishing.

Beamer: You sure, cause remember when we went deep sea fishing with Dad?

Bobby: Well, the other fishermen enjoyed it.

Beamer: Yeah, I guess all my ralphing over the side attracted some pretty good size fish.

Bobby: No, a cruise ship is Huge, like a small island almost.

Beamer: I still don't think so.

Bobby: Changing the subject, I guess we have to change the title of this thing or at least the explanation under it.

Beamer: Four Brothers with some thing more in common than two dads. Four brothers, two here , two there, but sharing stuff that most brothers either here or there don't share. Four brothers, two more than Two Brothers.

Bobby: I think I'll leave that to Dave.

Beamer: Yeah, a coming back off your cruise present.

Bobby: He'll enjoy that.

Beamer: That is what I'm thinking.

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Been tied up

Posted by Dave/Beck at 1:47 PM

Hey, I have been too busy lately, but I am also trying to plan a receation/new voyage.
More when I get it, thanks for your patience.


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A few side notes

Posted by Beamer at 9:09 AM

August 5th, 2008

Side note number 1.) Perhaps I need to find a little bustier Amy character.

Side note number 2.) Dave Beckwith has been in touch with me here the last few weeks. There seems to be some communication problems that we are working on to get him contributing here. At this point, I am still at a standstill in this regard, but will hopefully be fixed quite soon.

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Something odd

Posted by Beamer at 10:35 PM

September 3rd, 2008

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Posted by Dave/Beck at 4:18 AM

September 2nd, 2008

With heavy emphasis on the duh part. I think I figured it out. Anyway, check what I did over in cyberland, I don't know, should I transfer it here or lay it out there, let me know what you think beam.

Beamer: Bobby, Did you ...?

Bobby: Nope not me. You don't suppose...?

Beamer: Wow, I don't believe it. There they, uhm, he is. In the flesh, so to speak.

Bobby: These poor readers. They are going to be peeing in their pants.

Beamer: Well, they do have depends.

Bobby: Hot Damn.

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They Need something?

Posted by Beamer at 6:58 AM

August 31st, 2008

Bobby: We got to help 'em.

Beamer: What do we do?

Bobby: I know. We'll throw them a life line.

Beamer: You Got any Rope?

Checks pockets.

Bobby: Ok, forget that. We'll send em a semaphore message.

Beamer: A What?

Bobby: You know with dots and dashes. Dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot

Beamer: Isn't that SOS? Save Our Ship? We aren't sinking.

Bobby: It's the only one I remember.

Beamer: We could send up a smoke signal?

Bobby: That's pretty stupid. How about an E-mail?

Beamer: Wow, you think of everything.

Bobby: Thanks.

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The Boys are back in Town, sort of

Posted by Beamer at 8:24 AM

August 29th, 2008

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Your Kidding , Right?

Posted by Beamer at 8:22 PM

August 28th 2008

Beam_er: Nope I ain't kidding. He's here, I mean they are here. Somewhere.

Bobby aka B-eamer: You been getting onto the Moonshine again haven't you?

Beam_er: You know I can't drink that stuff straight and we are out of Prune Juice.

Bobby: I never did ask you how you found that combination.

Beam_er: What about Dave?

Bobby: Ok, breathe. Calm down. One step at a time.

Beam_er: It's him. He's alive.

Bobby: Well, I never did think he was dead.

Beam_er: But how long has it been?

Bobby: Years.

Beam_er: Yep. Years. Wow.

Bobby: Yep, wow.

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The heat is on

Posted by Beamer at 5:18 AM

August 25th, 2008

Bobby: Did you read Amy's post today?

Beamer: You know I did.

Bobby: Could you ever eat 5 or 6 Serrano chilis with 2 pounds of mussels.

Beamer: Next Question .. You know I can't.

Bobby: How do people handle that kind of heat?

Beamer: Asbestos stomach.

Bobby: I guess.


Beamer: What kind of a post do you call that?

Bobby: A quick one.

Beamer: And you think folks appreciate that?

Bobby: If they are in a hurry, yeah.

Beamer: And if they are not in a hurry?

Bobby: Ok, fine, so maybe not. I need to make the posts longer. You Happy?

Beamer: Ok, that's better.

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Posted by Beamer at 4:34 PM

August 24th, 2008

Bobby: Yo Beamer!

Beamer: What do want now?

Bobby: What are we going to do now that the Olympics are winding down?

Beamer: What, No More Girls playing beach Volley ball?

Bobby: That's what I mean.

Beamer: But ...

Bobby: You have got to adjust, man.

Beamer: I was thinking about watching Terminator Two.

Bobby: Well, that is a cool flick.

Beamer: It's not beach volleyball though.

Bobby: Man, we go through this every four years.

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Crispy Loves these discussions

Posted by Beamer at 2:29 PM

August 23rd, 2008

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Amy, Amy, Amy

Posted by Beamer at 11:41 AM

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An Explanation

Posted by Beamer at 7:28 PM

August 21st, 2008

Ok, I guess I owe it to you guys. I have kept you hanging probably way too long, But it hard to tell.

I didn't want to ruin the magic - Uhm, yeah right!

Ok, so I use to hang around a place on the Internet called the Yahoo message Boards. I spent way too much time there, but it was for a good reason at the time. Anyway, while I was there I ran into this guy Named Dave Beckwith, A seriously funny individual. While I was at the message boards, there was a topic opened up that was called the Humor Board, or something very original like that. This allowed for Dave to spawn Dave and Beck, some of the funniest stuff I had ever come across. It was all written by him, Dave Beckwith, But it was about these two brothers and the trouble they would get into. (Sound vaguely familiar.)

Now after a while, I tried my hand at writing and posting some stuff similar to that he was writing, only coming at it from my point of view. I put it out there and people thought it was funny, at least some of them did. So I kept at it. Now when it really got sweet, I thought, is when Dave and I joined forces and had four people, two sets of brothers, going at it.

This went on for actually a couple of years. The topics Dave would get into were really out there. He had a Bike that would travel in time, He was Mowing down Mailboxes for awhile, (You had to be there), there was a traveling circus show, and this stuff just went on and on and would get so crazy, and there I was damn near peeing my pants over this stuff. He was sooo funny. And I was so grateful for every nuance he posted.

But as Time does, it moves on, and we kind of went our separate ways, then Yahoo, really screwed things up, and we parted ways. I miss Dave something terrible and hope some day to get back in touch with him. But all this was mainly for 3 people. Me, Dave and this lovely Lady Named Windsong. But I am so thankful for you guys as well.

I know your out there, I can hear you breathing. That and Google kind spies on ya.

So there ya have it. The sorted truth of why these two brothers do what they do (Well, not really. Hell, I don't even know why they do what they do.) and now the cast of characters has kind of grown with the comic strip.

And yes, I do actually have a Brother. He is four years younger than me, and we don't speak. Which is his choosing. I guess he likes living this way.


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Some one new

Posted by Beamer at 9:43 PM

August 19th, 2008

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A little Sumpin' Sumpin'

Posted by Beamer at 4:35 PM

August 18th, 2008

Beamer: I think you ought to do it.

Bobby: Oh, don't worry. It's going to happen.

Beamer: I don't think he has an Internet connection.

Bobby: I don't really care. He doesn't know where I live.

Beamer: He might E-Mail You.

Bobby: Yeah, that has me scared.

Beamer: So, it's official then, Crispy is going to be in the Comic Strip.

Bobby: And he is going to looking way goofy.

Beamer: The dude has it coming doesn't he?

Bobby: Oh, Yeah.

Beamer: But you have to give him credit for giving you sumpin' to blog about.

Bobby: Yeah, ok, I'll give him that.

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Movie review time

Posted by Beamer at 1:08 PM

August 15th, 2008

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One, Two, three

Posted by Beamer at 8:05 PM

August 14th, 2008

Announcer dude: So, another exciting time with the boys.

Beamer: Hey, I have a fun time here.

Bobby: So do I.

Announcer Dude: Yeah, well we are all thrilled for you two.

Beamer: What do you suppose that means?

Bobby: I don't know. Just ignore him.

Announcer Dude: Go ahead, try to ignore me.

Beamer: Did we take our attitude pills or something today?

Bobby: Yeah, what he said.

Beamer: You don't have anything to post do you?

Bobby: Nope, Not a thing.

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Boys will Be Boys

Posted by Beamer at 6:58 PM

August 13th, 2008

Bobby: Well, I sure got a valuable lesson yesterday.

Beamer: Hide Amy's axe?

Bobby: That and be very careful who you ask to come up with a topic for this blog.

Beamer: Pretty important stuff, Huh?

Bobby: You bet. Man, you see the look in her eyes when she brought up Hairdos. It was scary.

Beamer: Not as scary as when she picked that axe back up.

Bobby: Well, it was the glee I saw in her eyes that scared me then.

Beamer: She does like her weaponry.

Bobby: She is also very versatile too. She has talked of putting her husbands gonads on a skewer before.

Beamer: Owww!

Bobby: Yep. My thoughts exactly. Then she has laughed about such an act. She is one to keep your eyes on.

Beamer: And you had to Interview her.

Bobby: I didn't know she had that Axe then.

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Amy's Running Things

Posted by Beamer at 3:24 PM

August 12th, 2008

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Reverting for one post

Posted by Beamer at 5:16 PM

August 11th, 2008

Bobby: So, it looks like B and B 3.0 is a hit.

Beamer: B and B 3.0?

Bobby: The cartoon thingy.

Beamer: Oh, I knew that.

Bobby: The announcer dude looks pretty suave doesn't he?

Beamer: I could wear a tux, if I wanted to.

Bobby: Yeah Right, You probably don't even know what a cummerbund is , do you?

Beamer: Isn't that what you slice into salads?

Bobby: Yeah that's it. Glam would be so happy to know that fact.

Beamer: You don't think she is still reading us do you?

Bobby: There's always a chance.

Beamer: Just as long as she doesn't meet up with Amy?

Bobby: I think it would be interesting.

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Bobbie's shades

Posted by Beamer at 3:05 PM

August 10th, 2008

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B and B # 7

Posted by Beamer at 1:35 PM

August 9th, 2008

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B and B # 6

Posted by Beamer at 3:39 AM

August 7th, 2008

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So what do you think?

Posted by Beamer at 6:04 AM

I have discovered that with this program I can make up visual comics pretty easy now that I have it set up.

If you like the regular way let me know.

I have one vote leaning towards the new visual way.

I could do both.

What are your thoughts?


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See How this works

Posted by Beamer at 9:51 PM

August 5th, 2008

This is done with a website / program called Toonlet. It's very interesting and it took a fair amount of work to pull this off along with some crazy editing but here it is. I may use this from time to time. I don't know yet.

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That was a crazy Night ...

Posted by Beamer at 5:01 PM

August 4th, 2008

Bald Guy

Bobby: Remember that guy?

Beamer: Oh Yeah. "Are you Crazy?" What a maroon.

Bobby: You suppose he reads our blog?

Beamer: You ought to reward him if he comes forward.

Bobby: Yeah, I could interview him about that night.

Beamer: I don't think that's right.

Bobby: Why not? ... Oh shoot .... Amy!

Beamer: Well, I wouldn't want Amy to think she rates with the dented bald green star painted guy.

Bobby: Yeah, bad Idea.

Beamer: He must have been drunk or high.

Bobby: Or way stoopid.

Beamer: Good thing his friend knew what was going on.

Bobby: His friend was hanging out with him. I don't think his elevator went all the way top the top floor either.

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Part two of Amy's Interview - Repost

Posted by Beamer at 7:37 PM

August 2nd, 2008

Part Two:

Beam_er: Have you ever made money from your writing? Do you have anything published?

Amy: I've had several articles published around the web on different websites. I have articles that are now several years old still sitting on active websites today. I've never been published-published like in magazine, newspaper, etc. Maybe some day... when I grow up. ;)

Beamer: When you grow up - That's funny.

Beam_er: I like the new Layout of your blog. Do you design this stuff yourself?

Amy: Thank you! Yes, I do. Sometimes I drag a friend or two into it to give me feedback. It's a side hobby that I enjoy.

Beam_er: Ok, You can ask her one question.

Beamer: Hi. I know your fond of taking in stray animals. Did your Parents do this or has this just become something you do?

Beam_er: Good question.

Beamer: Thanks

Amy: Mike (my husband) and I have always been the kind of people who rescue animals. If we can - we try. I think that's part of what brought us together. As children (he's 12 years older, we didn't grow up together or anything) we were known for bringing strays home. My parents weren't too into strays. They weren't like that... but I distinctly remember bringing home an abandoned kitten in my purse. Mike found a kitten trapped in a tree when he was a kid and brought it home to his Granny. She named him Rascal and had him for years.

Beam_er: Ever Been Interviewed Before? Cause I've never done this before. Your my first.

Amy: Actually, I've been interviewed a couple of times. I like being the interviewer better, I think. ;)

Beamer: I've interviewed people before.

Beam_er: You have? Where?

Beamer: In the closet. I have interviewed my toy soldiers before.

Beam_er: Gee Thanks for sharing that. Amy, what are some of the favorite things you like to check out in the Internet?

Amy: I'm addicted to weather reports. Usually when September gets here (and you know how long the heat in Bakersfield lasts) I start checking the weather religiously looking for a "cooling" trend. It drives Mike nuts! I love and I am a freak about reading the news and I usually check at least once a day. Aside from that - I read blogs and monkey around on MySpace or Facebook occasionally.

Beamer: I've been dealing with the Internet for some 16 years now. How long have you been "surfing" on the Internet?

Amy: Hmmm, I've always monkeyed with computers because my dad has a fascination with them. I didn't really start getting into the internet until 1996. I was a major chat room junkie.

Beamer: I Know you have your side shops. How did you get into selling stuff through them?

Amy: I have always had some form of money-making venture online. I ran an ezine for over 5 years. I started out with a program called Quick100 and when from there to The Simple System and from there I got into marketing MLM programs online with a business partner. It's only been in the last year maybe that I brought more commercial aspects to my blog - I maintained a "starving artist" complex where it was concerned for years.

Beamer: Do you make your shirts and stuff that you sell?

Amy: Ha! LOL - no, no, no. I have a CafePress shop. And, my Nana, Granny and Grandma stuff have been the biggest sellers. I do design all the graphics myself and my children's bug line (line... HA!) I actually designed by hand. My daughter, Kate, loved my insect doodles and convinced me to put them on some of the shirts and things. I would draw them, scan them in and then add effects and things. So I don't actually make the shirts, but I do design what goes on them.

Beam_er: Well thank you very much, Amy. I really appreciate the time you spent with us.

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A Repost

Posted by Beamer at 5:17 PM

August 1, 2008

In case you missed it during the confusion of the moving around:

Today, I have something pretty special, at least for me. This, Ladies and Gentleman is an Interview with a very creative and funny lady which has some amazing stuff that she posts on her blog and she has graciously agreed to let me, or I should say Beam_er, interview her. Her name is Amy and her Blog is Amy's Musings. I'm going to break this into two parts.

Beam_er: I really like your Blog. It is literally the first thing I check out in the morning once I get onto the Internet. Just how long have you been doing this blogging thing?

Amy: Since 2004, I believe. Maggie was about 8 months old and Mike was taking out of town classes and I needed a hobby.

Beamer: Blogging as a Hobby. Why that is just crazy.

Beam_er: Shhhh.Sorry about that. I see you include your family a lot in your blog. Are your children are supportive of you using them in your blog and do they ever read your blog to see what is being said about them?

Beamer: I don't believe Maggie can read yet.

Beam_er: I know that. Would let her answer the question.

Amy: Kate actually comments on my blog occasionally. Usually to say something smartaleck-ey. Ethan rarely comments, but has written a post for me, once. It went over pretty well so I had to shut it down, Can't have him gaining a bigger following! ;) More intimidating for me was when my kids' friends found my blog. Ethan's girlfriend and a couple of friends have actually commented there as well, so I won't be sharing any super embarrassing stories about Ethan!

Beamer: Do I get to ask a question?

Beam_er: Really Dude, maintain. Amy, what are your favorite subjects to blog about?

Amy: I wish I was one of these organized people who could answer that clearly, but I'm not. I don't plan posts weeks in advance, sometimes I'll get an idea and it will roll around in my head before I formulate it. Mostly I blog on the fly whatever catches my fancy at the time. I prefer to write funny instead of serious though. There's enough serious around the blogosphere.

Beam_er: You have quite a gift with the English Language. Did you like English in school?

Amy: I loved writing. I'm not fond of editing or all the lovely punctuation rules. I really write just like a talk most of the time. Thus, if I am talking in my head as I am typing and I take a pause I'll put in ... even though that's not the appropriate use for that punctuation. But, for me, it makes sense.

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Ok, Your forgiven

Posted by Beamer at 5:10 PM

July 30th, 2008

Beamer: You mean it.

Bobby: Yes, I forgive you. Mom still doesn't want to talk to me, but she'll get over it.

Beamer: Yes, she will. I still want to call you Beam_er though.

Bobby: You'll get use to it as well.

Beamer: So are you having to change your checks and all that?

Bobby: Uhm, dude?

Beamer: Yes?

Bobby: I'm not real, remember.

Beamer: Yeah, but you could have checks, right?

Bobby: Nope.

Beamer: You have to pay for your electricity and water right?

Bobby: Nope.

Beamer: So what is it you do?

Bobby: I show up here and look cute.

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Getting to the bottom

Posted by Beamer at 12:20 PM

July 29th, 2008

Bobby: So, are you going to tell me how you did that?

Beamer: I have her on speed dial.

Bobby: You have Mom on speed dial?

Beamer: Yep. She number 3.

Bobby: You need a life.

Beamer: You happy you found out?

Bobby: And you just had to call Mom?

Beamer: I'll take that as a no.

Bobby: No, I'm not happy and Mom is now upset. I Can't thank you enough.

Beamer: I'm sorry,

Bobby: Your sorry? That's supposed to take care of it. Your sorry! Your incredible.

Beamer: Thank you.

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Oh me Gawd

Posted by Beamer at 3:01 PM

July 28th, 2008

Beamer: I am so stuffed.

Bobby: (In case you missed yesterdays exciting episode, Beam_er has officially changed his name to Bobby. Seconds later Bobby got a phone call from his Mom, who didn't seem to pleased with Beam_er's Name change. But if you did read yesterdays exciting episode, uhm, carry on.) Your stuffed and changing the subject aren't you?

Beamer: Those chicken wings were so good.

Bobby: About that Phone call?

Beamer: What phone call. I don't know what your talking about? (BuRRRpp)

Bobby: Real Classy, The phone call from Mom - How did you do that?

Beamer: She always calls at that time of the day.

Bobby: I don't think so.

Beamer: Well, she's going to.

Bobby: Beamer, your full of it.

Beamer: Yep, Chicken wings and Pizza.

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Name Change

Posted by Beamer at 2:32 AM

July 27th, 2008

Beam_er: You Know What?

Beamer: You getting tired of your name.

Beam_er: Your getting good at that. Yep, I'm gonna change it.

Beamer: Dude, Mom isn't going to like it.

Beam_er: How is she going to find out?

Beamer: Gee, I wonder.

Beam_er: You wouldn't tell. I'm going to become Bobby.

Beamer: Bobby?

Bobby: Yep. I like it.

Phone rings.

Beamer: Hello. Ok, just a minute, Mom.

Bobby gives Beamer a quizzical look as Beamer hands him the phone.

Bobby: Hello Mom. What? But ... But ... Look I'm old enough to ... Mom! ... I don't care ... I'm sorry Mom, But I'm keeping it. Ok ... I know... I love ... Oh shit.

Beamer: What's the matter?

Bobby: Like you don't know.

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Moving again

Posted by Beamer at 6:31 PM

Disregard this message - They are back here now.
So B and B has moved again. It sure has been a crazy time for the Boys.

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It's me again

Posted by Beamer at 2:51 PM

Ok, with this move things are different. This new place doesn't have all the bells and whistles the old place had (Blogger versus BlogDrive) I know it sucks. One of the bells and whistles lacking is using Feedburner, which provides the feeds you guys get. So unless I can find a place or maybe somebody lets me know where a place might be worth a damn that has feed ability, I can let you guys know of new post by e-mail.

So leave me a comment and tell whats up, ok?

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B and B saying good bye

Posted by Beamer at 4:35 AM

It's been a fun run here at Blogger, but the relationship has soured badly.

So I am having no choice but to rummage around and try to come up with another home for the Boys. I think I may be in luck Here.

Change your book marks to regard this change.

Thanks for dropping by.

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something new

Posted by Beamer at 12:57 PM

Ok, Blogger is going through some changes apparently and they aren't bothering to tell us, the customer, what the hell is going on. I though I was going to need to find a new place to set this up after all the trouble I had with yesterday and getting the post setup the right way with the spacing and all. So I got it all written out and then copied and pasted it here just to see ...Of course it looks just fine. Grrrrr! Then it doesn't. So follow the link at the title and see what this is supposed to look like - wow!So July 16th, 2008 - Beam_er: You likey.Beamer: Woah, some new digs.Beam_er: Yep. I got tired of the last place.Beamer: Cool.Beam_er: Yeah we'll see how this works out.Beamer: You never did like sticking to the Satus quo.Beam_er: Well You would know.Beamer: Any thing we are going to talk about today?Beam_er: Nah. I'll be happy if I can pull this off.Beamer: I see.Beam_er: Did you get a hair cut?Beamer: Actually I got all of them cut.Beam_er: Oh, we are just so humorous.

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Hey there ...

Posted by Beamer at 4:30 AM

July 15th, 2008

I don't know what is up with Blogger. I had formatted this posting like most of them. You saw what It did. I reformatted the posting and added HTML to it to make sure it would be posting the way I wanted. It not only knocked out all the HTML formatting and did it again. I didn't have time to do anything with it till now. Of course if you haven't come here till now you have no Idea what the heck I'm talking about. But that's ok. Enjoy your day anyway.

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Something very different

Posted by Beamer at 5:15 PM

July 14th, 2008



Robbing to take a thrill

Not needing


Wondering, looking over your shoulder

Worrying? No

Too sly never find me

Robbing and hiding, sneaking in the

Seeking and gliding and stumbling

Falling Hard

Blood from the wound
Finds its way
to your eye
Mixing with sweat
Panic as the lights go


Iron bars
Head hurts, throbbing, headache
They found you.

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Sounds Yummy

Posted by Beamer at 2:36 PM

July 12th, 2008

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B and B and Ferd

Posted by Beamer at 2:30 AM

July 11th, 2008

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Green and mean

Posted by Beamer at 3:07 AM

July 10th, 2008

Beam_er: You realize this post above us here is the actually thinner than the first B and B 2.0 posting.

Beamer: Ok.

Beam_er: It's narrower, yet you can't read it as well.

Beamer: Ok.

Beam_er: It's narrower, you can't read it and it's driving me crazy.

Beamer: Ok.

Beam_er: Is that all you can say?

Beamer: Beam_er, it's the Internet. Let it go.

Beam_er: Just like that?

Beamer: Just like that.

Beam_er: Fine.

(Also if you want a fine example of what Beamer was talking about visit Amy's site and see for yourself. Crazy people with a video Camera)

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B and B 2.0 Again

Posted by Beamer at 10:44 AM

July 9th, 2008

Beam-er: Damn.

Beamer: What?

Beam_er: Well look at this stupid thing. You have to click on it to see a bigger image you can read.

Beamer: Yeah so?

Beam_er: That's not the way it's supposed to be.

Beamer: So what actually works the way it is supposed to on the Internet?

Beam_er: Good point.

Beamer: Besides we are worth the extra effort aren't we?

Beam_er: Oh yeah. These are just riveting conversations they are reading.

Beamer: You bet ya. Terribly exciting.

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Oh Well

Posted by Beamer at 4:46 AM

July 8th, 2008

Beam_er: Well I'm Back.

Beamer: I notice.

Beam_er: And were back to same old background.

Beamer: I see.

Beam_er: Dude, you need to quit talking so much.

Beamer: I'm still trying to wake up.

Beam_er: What, you get a few days off and you ain't use to getting up early any more.

Beamer: Yep.

Beam_er Well, I guess its a good thing one of us is awake.

Beamer: Yep.

Beam_er: I'll fix you some coffee.

Beamer: Coffee.

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Something New with the Boys

Posted by Beamer at 9:44 AM

July 5th, 2008

This is a bit of work in progress. The deadline I have is limited for any changes like this, so, I still have some experimenting to do with it. You can click on the Image to get a better read if you need that. Just trying to stay ahead of the competition. If you can't stand it let me know.

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Happy 4th Of July

Posted by Beamer at 4:16 AM

Beamer: So what are you thinking about today?

Beam_er: I'm Not. I've taken the last couple of days off and My mind is in neutral.

Beamer: And why exactly did we take a couple of days off? I didn't get any memo or a phone call or anything. I was here.

Beam_er: Sorry about that. I meant to give you a call. Just I went out of town.

Beamer: So did we have fun?

Beam_er: Oh yeah. I went to Los Angeles and ate way too Much.

Beamer: Great. And after me doing all that exercising.

Beam_er: I wanted to beat the rush. Traffic is going to be crazy today, with the holiday and all.

Beamer: Well, I'm glad you made it back ok.

Beam_er: Yep, Me too. Oh it was nice and cool over there. Such a relief from this heat.

Beamer: Well I wouldn't know about that.

Beam_er: Yeah, It was like 79 yesterday. But the smog was pretty bad.

Beamer: Poor Baby.

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So, are we ourselves?

Posted by Beamer at 1:46 AM

July 1, 2008

Beamer: I have always thought of my self as John Wayne.

Beam_er: I always sort of leaned towards Dick Butkus myself.

Beamer: He was a damn good football player. Da Bears!

Beam_er: He had a damn good year in 1970 with 132 tackles, 84 assists, 3 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries.

Beamer: Damn!

Beam_er: I loved watching him tackle. He'd hit em and then lift em up and get their feet off the ground and then just plant them in the ground. You knew you were tackled when he hit you. Can you imagine having to go through that ten or 15 times in a game? I bet you felt it the next day.

Beamer: He was your hero wasn't he?

Beam_er: Lets just say the neighbor hood kids didn't want me to tackle them. I learned his style quite well. Too Bad I never got to use it in high school. I would have been awesome.

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Your Late ...

Posted by Beamer at 3:39 PM

Beam_er: Yeah, well, I didn't forget. Just almost.

Beamer: So, you have a topic yet?

Beam_er: Why of course I do. It's a great one. It is titillating and succulent and almost mouthwatering.

Beamer: You haven't got a thing do you?

Beam_er: Nope. Hang on ...

Beamer: So you got anything yet?

Beam_er: Yep Jello. Every body loves Jello.

Beamer: You just like it cause it's jiggly.

Beam_er: And "There's Always Room for JELL-O"

Beamer: You keep this up, I'm gonna have to go fix me some.

Beam_er: Been awhile since you had some huh?

Beamer: Especially with whip cream.

Beam_er: I like drinking it when I'm not feeling good. Like when it's still warm and gooshy.

Beamer: That's it. I'm fixing some.

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I'm looking forward ,,,

Posted by Beamer at 1:32 AM

June 28th, 2008

Beam_er: To seeing this Movie.

I've heard good reviews of it.

Beamer: It's a robot.

Beam_er: Yes it's a robot in a computer generated Movie. It's supposed to be very funny.

Beamer: It's a robot.

Beam_er: And?

Beamer: You know how I feel about Robots.

Beam_er: Remind me.

Beamer: You know, when I had that dream that a robot had come into my room and stole my sheets.

Beam_er: I still don't see what the big deal was.

Beamer: It was a Robot. It stole my sheets ... while I was sleeping.

Beam_er: It was a dream.

Beamer: It was a Robot.

Beam_er: Did it look like Wall-E?

Beamer: No. But it was still a robot.

Beam_er: I give up.

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This year is just

Posted by Beamer at 1:25 AM

June 27th, 2008

Beamer: Flying By.

Beam_er; Yeah, you can pretty much Kiss June good bye. July 4th is just around the corner.

Beamer: Ooh, I love the 4th. Its always so pretty with all the fireworks.

Beam_er: But the Govenator doesn't want us to buy any this year because of all the fires and smoke.

Beamer: But ... But, No Fireworks?

Beam_er: We can still go up on the roof and watch them shoot them off at the College.

Beamer: Aw man, it's not the same.

Beam_er: Ok, we'll get you some sparklers.

Beamer: Goody goody.

Beam_er: Doesn't take much to make you happy.

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The last I heard

Posted by Beamer at 6:11 PM

Beam_er: There were 825 separate fires going blazes in Northern California.

Beamer: I didn't do it.

Beam_er: I didn't say you did. Besides, it has been a very long time since we have been to northern California.

Beamer: You mean since I have been to northern California.

Beam_er Slaps Beamer upside the head, which hurts.

Beamer: Oh yeah sorry. (He rubs the side of his head, which feels better.)

Beam_er: Look 800 some odd fires is insane. Fortunately, I guess, They were mostly caused by Mother Nature.

Beamer: She shouldn't play with Matches.

Beam_er: Lighting, you goof ball, lighting caused the fires.

Beamer: Well, neither one of them should play with Matches.

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That was pretty neat ...

Posted by Beamer at 1:55 AM

June 25th, 2008

Beamer: Sorry I wasn't paying attention.

Beam_er: How can you ... never mind.

Beamer: I was watching the fan go around.

Beam_er: But that was an hour long program.

Beamer: Actually 57 minutes. I was watching the clock as well.

Beam_er: You were watching the fan and clock while I was learning all about Samurai Swords?

Beamer: Sorry, but I am not a big fan of PBS.

Beam_er: But Public Broadcasting television can have some very important programs on it.

Beamer: As well as Boring.

Beam_er: I'd love to get me one of those swords. They are awesome.

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Some people shouldn't ...

Posted by Beamer at 1:05 AM

June 24th, 2008

Beam_er: Don Imus apparently has opened his mouth and deeply inserted his foot again.

Beamer: EEwww! That sounds very painful.

Beam_er: No, not literally. He apparently has said something racist again. This time against a foot ball player, He has the Nickname of Pacman.

Beamer: Who has that nickname?

Beam_er: The football player.

Beamer: Why? Does he eat the other players?

Beam_er: I don't know. I was more concerned with Imus and his comments.

Beamer: But I have never heard of this nickname before. Pacman. That's crazy.

Beam_er: Well, did you ever think that maybe Pacman thinks Beamer is a crazy Nickname?

Beamer: Yeah ... Well at least I don't have an underscore in my name.

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Ahhh, there it is ...

Posted by Beamer at 1:33 AM

June 23rd, 2008

Beam_er: I like this movie for a whole new reason now.

Beamer: Why is that?

Beam_er: Are we going to go through this again?

Beamer: But If I don't ask you, uhm, they, our league of readers, won't know the other half of the conversation.

Beam_er: OOOhhhh! When did we get to be so savvy about our readers?

Beamer: You know I'm a compassionate kind of guy.

Beam_er: Ok fine ... about this Movie.

Beamer: Ratatoulie?

Beam_er: Yep, he's got an alter ego, a figment of his imagination that he talks to.

Beamer: I like figments. Especially in Fig Newtons.

Beam_er: Yeah, uhm, right.

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C'mon Think Dammit ...

Posted by Beamer at 9:25 PM

June 23rd, 2008

Beamer: You aren't gonna drop the ball 2 Mondays in a row are you?

Beam_er: What? You keeping track?

Beamer: Maybe.

Beam_er: Damn.

Beamer: So whats on the agenda for today?

Beam_er: Hang On.

15 minutes later ...

Beam_er: Yep take me out and shoot me. I got nothing.

Beamer: And Criminal Minds is on.

Beam_er: They aren't supposed to know we do this the night before.

Beamer: Sorry

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I've been thinkin' ...

Posted by Beamer at 1:53 AM

June 22nd, 2008

Beamer: What you thinking about?

Beam_er: There are times when You really scare me.

Beamer: What?

Beam_er: You can't figure out what the heck I'm thinking about?

Beamer: Oh yeah, oops. Boy, do I feel stupid.

Beam_er: You said it.

Beamer: So why You thinking about that?

Beam_er: Well, it did get pretty hot yesterday.

Beamer: Only 110.

Beam_er: Yep. The first day of summer comes roaring in like crazy.

Beamer: And your wondering what the rest of the summer is going to be like?

Beam_er: Wow, your catching on.

Beamer: Yep, you can't get much past me.

Beam_er: Oh yeah, you are so right. Whew!

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What If ...

Posted by Beamer at 1:06 AM

June 21st, 2008

Beam_er: What if we could travel back in time, where would you want to go?

Beamer: I would go back and by 2000 shares of Microsoft stock when it was a penny a share.

Beam_er: Uhm, I don't think it was ever that cheap.

Beamer: OK, when it was 50 cents a share.

Beam_er: That would be a thousand dollars.

Beamer: Yeah, so?

Beam_er: Just seems like a lot of money to invest in stock is all.

Beamer: You think 1000 dollars scares Donald Trump?

Beam_er: You ain't Donald Trump.

Beamer: So what would you do?

Beam_er: I'd go back and see Jimi Hendrix play at Woodstock.

Beamer: Oh yeah, you and your guitar.

Beam_er: What are you talking about? You play guitar as well.

Beamer: I'm not into it as much as you are.

Beam_er: This is strange.

Beamer: Your telling me. I don't know how you come up with this stuff.

Beam_er: I don't. You do.

Beamer: Now your just messing with my head. You Know I don't know how to Blog.

Beam_er: Tell Me something I don't know.

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Stop It

Posted by Beamer at 1:06 AM

June 20th, 2008

Beam_er: You and those stupid E-Cards.

Beamer: What are you complaining about?

Beam_er: You spend all day dropping those things. When Do I get a chance to check out stuff?

Beamer: Wow. Ok, back off from the Printer Ink.

Beam_er: I would like to check out the Nascar Sites every now and then.

Beamer: Ok, so go get your own computer.

Beam_er: This is my computer.

Beamer: Well it's my computer too.

Beam_er: Good Point.

Beamer: Yes it is.

Beam_er: You know, this is one of the craziest communications we have had to date.

Beamer: Well, we have to push some boundaries, don't we?

Beam_er: And if some Psychiatrist shows up?

Beamer: They are going to have a field day.

Beam_er: And they can just comment like every one else has.

Beamer: That's telling em.

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The dam has finally Broken...

Posted by Beamer at 1:31 AM

June 19th, 2008

Beamer: What are you taking about? What Dam?

Beam_er: The comment dam. Someone finally commented here. A Mr. Warhol.

Beamer: You Feeling ok?

Beam_er: You'll see. From now on we are going to be so famous you won't believe it. I can tell.

Beamer: Beam_er, I think you need to lay down.

Beam_er: No. You wait, Movie offers, book deals, offers to go the the Playboy Mansion ...

Beamer: All because a Mr. Warhol Posted here?

Beam_er: I understand he is very influential and has some very good contacts.

Beamer: You aren't thinking of Andy Warhol are you?

Beam_er: No.

Beam_er: Maybe.

Beamer: I hate to break the news to you but Andy Warhol died in 1987.

Beam_er: Well, maybe this is his brother.

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I don't know

Posted by Beamer at 1:54 AM

Beamer: Times are pretty crazy , Huh?

Beam_er: Yep, Pretty Crazy.

Beamer: And now in California they can have same sex marriages.

Beam_er: Yep.

Beamer: And There is a woman suing Victoria's Secret over a defective thing. She's 52 and the thong was from the sexy little thing Line.

Beam_er: You Don't say.

Beamer: And then there is a Rev. Robert Whipkey who was convicted last week of indecent exposure after he was arrested by cops for jogging nude at a high school track around 4:30 AM. Apparently excessive sweating forces him to remove his clothing.

Beam_er: And the cops didn't buy his story?

Beamer: Apparently not.

Beam_er: Have you ever gone running in the Nude?

Beamer: I don't even like running with clothes on. I did go skinny dipping a couple of times.

Beam_er: Too much Info.

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Guess what?

Posted by Beamer at 1:07 AM

Beam_er: (Looking around excitedly) Psst, don't tell anyone!

Beamer: What?

Beam_er: Keep your voice down. I don't want any one to find out.

Beamer: (Quietly) What?

Beam_er: We have Visitors.

Beamer: Uhm, isn't that what we want?

Beam_er: Yes, but see your not supposed to act like you do because if you do act like you do then they will leave and won't ever come back again. They are Kinda Like Rabbits.

Beamer: So If we keep our voices down we won't scare them off.

Beam_er: Exactly.

Beamer: Wow that is pretty exciting.

Beam_er: Yep and I bet a few of them came from The Humor Blogs list.

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But that's crazy

Posted by Beamer at 6:29 AM

6 / 16 /2008

Beam_er: I can't believe it.

Beamer: What's up now?

Beam_er: Oh, ... It's just this stupid Father's day report that they keep showing on the news This Morning.

Beamer: What's wrong with it? It's at the zoo. It shows fathers and sons.

Beam_er: Do you see any animals?

Beamer: Now that you mention it ...

Beam_er: They have a report at the zoo and don't show animal one.

Beamer: I am sure they had a good reason.

Beam_er: They would rather show water running.

Beamer: They do that quite well, don't they?

Beamer: This was pretty lame you know.

Beam_er: Hey it's a post isn't it? It's Monday. I need more coffee.

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Happy Fathers Day

Posted by Beamer at 9:36 AM

6 / 15/ 2008

Beamer: Happy Fathers day.

Beam_er: Yeah Right.

Beamer: Whats up?

Beam_er: I'm just remembering Dad.

Beamer: He was one of a kind.

Beam_er: Yeah you were lucky. You were his fave.

Beamer: I sure was.

Beam_er: So you had no Idea what I had to put up with.

Beamer: There were times when I had a hard time hearing the TV over you two fighting.

Beam_er: Poor Baby.

Beamer: And then there was the time he broke my GI Joe when he threw it at you.

Beam_er: He bought you another one.

Beamer: Actually He bought me three of them. I wasn't supposed to tell.

Beam_er: What?

Beamer: Oh, I forgot to tell you. I sold one of them on EBay for 300 dollars last week.

Beam_er: Those junky plastic soldier toys?

Beamer: Yep. To some guy in Switzerland.

Beam_er: I didn't know you knew about Ebay?

Beamer: Actually the Announcer Dude helped me with it.

Beam_er: So your staying in touch with him?

Beamer: Yeah he was over last night while you were out. We had a couple of Cokes.

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We survived

Posted by Beamer at 11:09 PM


Beam_er: Well, there is less than an hour to go but I think we are going to make it.

Beamer: What are you making?

Beam_er: No, I am not making anything.

Beamer: Look, your the one that said we're going to make it.

Beam_er: Yes, I think we are going to make it.

Beamer: Are you trying to drive me nuts, cause it's not a very far drive.

Beam_er: Look at the time.

Beamer: Your making a clock?

Beam_er: No. What time is it?

Beamer: It's a little after 11 PM.

Beam_er: And what happens in less than an hour?

Beamer: What has this got to do with making any thing?

Beam_er: Oh My God!

Beamer: He's helping you?

Beam_er: Happy Friday the 13th, ok.

Beamer: OK! I really don't ...

Beam_er: It's all right, relax your brain.

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From a Few Good Men

Posted by Beamer at 3:40 AM

Col. Jessep: "Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Whose gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinburg? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago, and you curse the marines.
You have that luxury.
You have the luxury of not knowing what I know.
That Santiago's death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.

You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall.

We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something.

You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it.

I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post.

Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to."

Beamer: I really liked that scene from that movie.

Beam_er: You know that movie was made 16 years ago.

Beamer: Yeah so.

Beam_er: There are people probably reading you right now that weren't even born when that movie was made and haven't a clue what you are talking about.

Beamer: What do you mean "read me"?

Beam_er: What do you mean what do I mean?

Beamer: You said people read me. What the heck?

Beam_er: You know, on this blog, they read what you say.

Beamer: Your starting to scare me.

Beam_er: What do you think I do with what we talk about in these sessions?

Beamer: Uhm, You put it in a post.

Beam_er: And then what?

Beamer: You put in a post and I go get a peanut butter sandwich.

Beam_er: I put it in a post and then people find us on the Internet and then they read what you and I have said.

Beamer: See that's the scary part. Them finding us. Can't we just hide somewhere on the Internet?

Beam_er: I don't think you have to worry about that.

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We Find out what Beamer Likes to drink

Posted by Beamer at 12:29 PM

6 / 12 / 2008

Beam_er: Would you sit down.

Beamer: Hang on ...

Beam_er: What are you doing?

Beamer: I'm just getting ...

Beam_er: What? Are? You?

Beamer: Just a second, I'm almost finished.

Beam_er: You know we are waiting on ...

Beamer: There.

Beam_er: What is that? Chocolate Milk?

Beamer: Maybe.

Beam_er: So are you ready now?

Beamer: Yeah.

Beam_er: Great!

Beamer: whats the matter?

Beam_er: I forgot what we were going to talk about.

Beamer: Want me to go get the cat?

Beam_er: No, keep that animal away from me.


Beamer: You think that was fair?

Beam_er: What?

Beamer: That other half ass post. You think that was fair?

Beam_er: What bee crawled up your butt and died?

Beamer: I just think you could have done a lot better is all.

Beam_er: Well excuse me mister watch over thy blog like it is thy own type of stuff.

Beamer: Well My name is on this thing as well you know.

Beam_er: Point well taken. So?

Beamer: So, Uhm ...

Beam_er: Yeah and ...?

Beamer: Uhmm ...

Beam_er: Did you forget what you were talking about.

Beamer: Well I could always read the post after you post it. I didn't forget ... I don't think.

Beam_er: You are scary at at times.

Beamer: You aren't going to tell Windsong are you?

Beam_er: I don't think she has found us yet.

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I'm here aren't I

Posted by Beamer at 7:59 PM

But it isn't a good day for me to try and figure out what to put in here. My sinuses are messing with me and My wife is messing with me and My cat is messin bbvf g rt with the frfghyu keyboard - Damn Cat / Just watch the claws

alrriiuuyhfggttt Damn those h thin ,m,m,m, gs are sharp..... Bandaids ...!!!!

Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

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I got it ...

Posted by Beamer at 7:08 PM

June 10th, 2008

Beam_er: I got a great Idea.

Beamer: Uh Oh.

Beam_er: No really I think this will work. I just have to work out the details.

Beamer: So what is this great Idea?

Beam_er: Well If I tell you, I have a feeling it just may jinx it.

Beamer: Me, Jinx something? Why, I ...

Beam_er: Oh! Don't even go there. You have Jinxed so many things.

Beamer: I was just going to say I haven't jinxed anything lately.

Beam_er: Yeah, like in about 3 weeks.

Beamer: So where is the announcer?

Beam_er: He quit.

Beamer: Wow, he didn't stick around for very long.

Beam_er: Nah, he wanted his name up there with our initials in the header and I wouldn't go for it so he quit. That's ok, I've got it worked out.

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Some one has to

Posted by Beamer at 5:17 AM

Announcer: Ok, we are back from our brief vacation and it is Monday, June 9, 2008.

Beam_er: Thanks announcer Guy.

Announcer: Hey, I was wanting to ask you about this item on my paycheck?

Beam_er: Not now. Give me a few Minutes.

Announcer: But it says I'm Lithuanian. I Don't even Know where Lithuania is.

Beam_er: Ok, In just a few Minutes , Sheesh!

Beamer: Whats up?

Beam_er: I signed us up for a new blog Thingy. It for humorous Blogs.

Beamer: So you still think were humerus, huh?

Beam_er: Look we don't throw bowling balls at each other or have partially dressed women chasing us around, but, yes, I think we are Humorous.

Beamer: But you didn't even ask me if I wanted to join this humor thing?

Beam_er: Well, being the producer of this thing, I didn't think I had to ask you.

Beamer: OOhhh, well excuse me. I didn't know you were the producer.

Beam_er: Yep. That's why I hired On the announcer guy.

Announcer: Yeah, about my check ...

Beam_er: Fine, lets go talk.

Beamer: Uhm, Bye bye.

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Something I never thought about before

Posted by Beamer at 2:10 AM

Announcer: So Now it is the 6th of June, 2008.

Beam_er: And it's way early. I saw this posted and thought we could talk about this.

In case of Zombie Apocalypse:

95% of all known zombies can be stopped by decapitation and destroying the brain. Aim your desperate, improvised weapons at the head, Face and neck.

Someone will get killed, turned into a zombie and the next person to see them will go “Oh, it’s my friend. I’ll just turn my back, and OH MY GOD WHY IS HE EATING MY BRAIN ?!?!?!?!?”

The only thing worse than undead hordes trying to eat your brain, is undead hordes trying to eat your brain WHILE ON FIRE.

Beamer: Well this is an unusual Topic.

Beam_er: That's what I was thinking.

Beamer: So where did you find this?

Beam_er: This was a response to a post on a blog by someone named Crazy Lady.

Beamer: And she is an expert in Zombie attacks?

Beam_er: Apparently so. Probably lots of Horror movie watching.

Beamer: The things you learn on the Internet.

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New and Improved

Posted by Beamer at 5:30 AM

Announcer: Tis June 5th, 2008.

Beam_er: Ok , thanks announcer and maybe not so improved but certainly new.

Beamer: You do have a way with words.

Beam_er: Well, aren't you being nice this morning.

Beamer: I figured I'd give you a break.

Beam_er: So, Obama Is going to be the next presidential Candidate.

Beamer: At least for the Democrats.

Beam_er: Correct.

Beamer: Don't you feel bad for making fun of him.

Beam_er: Hardly and that was just a glancing blow.

Beamer: Well you know I am just hoping History does not repeat itself.

Beam_er: As in an assassination.

Beamer: Yes. Truly keep people with guns away from Obama.

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What were you thinking?

Posted by Beamer at 1:59 PM

Announcer: Ok, so again its not the morning and it is now the 2nd of June, 2008.

Beam_er: I was just remembering something really stupid you told me about.

Beamer: And I am probably regretting ever telling you this.

Beam_er: Probably.

Beamer: So what is this sorted tale?

Beam_er: Oh it was just when you first started driving a forklift.

Beamer: Yeah ...

Beam_er: And you drove it into the middle of the pond at work.

Beamer: And it sunk?

Beam_er: Thats the one.

Beamer: That was pretty funny, except for when my boss found out.

Beam_er: Well how were you supposed to know that there was no asphalt under the water? You had just started there.

Beamer: That was probably my saving grace.

Beam_er: So how deep did it sink any way?

Beamer: Oh up to the axles. I bottomed it out. It was stuck good. Then it only took 2 trucks to pull it out. What a mess. Luckily the water was only about 6 inches deep and about 30 feet around. It splashed pretty good till it got out to the center. Then it left me stranded.

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Life goes on

Posted by Beamer at 5:11 AM

Announcer: Wow, it's morning again. It is now the 1st of June 2008.

Beam_er: Thank You annoncer Guy.

Announcer: You know I have a name.

Beam_er: Thanks for that input.

Beamer: Have you heard the latest about Obama?

Beam_er: He's still in the running for President?

Beamer: Yeah, he's not going to give up on that, but he has given up on his church.

Beam_er: He's quit his church?

Beamer: Yep.

Beam_er: That seems like a pretty smart thing to do, considering what all has gone on there.

Beamer: Yeah, he had been a member for 20 years. He was married at that church.

Beam_er: Life goes on.

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So this is important?

Posted by Beamer at 6:29 PM

Announcer: The time is not morning again and the date is May 31, 2008.

Beam_er: This is a little different today. I have a tale to tell. A true tale. Hopefully the Marine is still alive to remember this story and can tell his buddies that he was featured on B and B.

I was doing home deliveries for a local company that had been in business for years as Montgomery Wards. It sold a whole bunch of different stuff and at the time I was the main driver for the truck that delivered what the customers could load into their trunk. One of the Items we delivered a lot of was refrigerators.

This particular refrigerator was to be delivered north of town. We, my helper and I, arrived early in the morning and I went to the door to see where the refrigerator was to go in the house. This fine morning I was met at the front door by a US Marine. The reason I knew this was because he was in battle fatigues with a great deal of camouflage on them. I asked him where the new appliance was to go and he showed me. He also showed me where they wanted the old appliance to go in the garage. They were going to use the old one to store beer in.

Great. I went out, told my helper what this delivery was about and went back inside to clear the way for the moves.

A few minutes later I returned to the truck to help get the large refrig out of the trailer. We went inside with the new appliance and put it into place. We got the old refrig and moved it ot he garage. No Problem. Then the fun started.

To plug the new refrig in the wall to make sure it worked properly, I needed an adapter
To get the new 3 prong plug on the appliance to plug into the wall outlet, which was 2 prongs. I asked the young marine about the object of my desire. He went out to the garage and I followed him. There he found what must have been a 75 foot extension cord.

The cord was orange. The adapter I was looking for was the same color. The marine had the cord in hand and looked at one end of the cord.

"No Adapter here." Now the adapter is gonna be at one end or the other. It ain't gonna be anywhere else.

"Don't worry, I'm gonna find it though."

So I watched as he carefully inspected every inch of that cord, looking for the adapter. I stood there in absolute astonishment. Here was one of America's finest. They let this guy have handgernades and shoot rifles and pistols. Hell, he might drive a tank. And he couldn't find the adapter on this extension cord. So he finally go to the other end and guess what?

There was the adapter.

"Here it is. I knew I'd find it."

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Yo Dude ...

Posted by Beamer at 4:11 PM

Announcer: Seeing as how this isn't even the morning, do I still have to give the date?

Beam_er: Just humor me.

Announcer: Ok, the Date is May 30th, 2008 and it's not even close to being in the morning.

Beam_er: Ok, that's the second time you said that it's not the morning. Are trying to say something?

Announcer: Gee, I don't know ... Maybe, because it's the afternoon.

Beam_er: You do know you are just the announcer, Right? The title of this thing isn't B an B and the announcer.

Announcer: It could be.

Beam_er: How ya doin'?

Beamer: I'm all right. How you doing?

Beam_er: Doing pert damn good, thanks.

Beamer: So what are we doing today? I didn't see an e-mail.

Beam_er: No, I didn't send an e-mail today. I thought we could wing it.

Beamer: Oh wow Dude.

Beam_er: Pretty spiffy huh?

Beamer: I almost pee'd my pants with excitement.

Beam_er: So what do you want to do?

Beamer: Go Eat. I'm starving.

Beam_er: But ...

Beamer: Cone on ... let's go to McDonalds.

Beam_er: How am I gonna write about you eating?

Beamer: I don't know. Your the expert blogger. My tummies growling.

Beam_er: Egads.

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The date is

Posted by Beamer at 4:43 AM

Announcer: (clears throat) Good Morning. The date is May 29th, 2008. The brothers are a little late getting in here to day, so I think I shall take this chance to express ...

Beam_er: I'm not late.

Announcer: Oh Hi.

Beam_er: You told me you weren't going to expound past your copy, what I have written for you.

Announcer: I know, but I have so much to say.

Beam_er: Get your own Blog.

Announcer: Your Mean.

Beam_er: Look, I have only a limited time to make this Blog interesting so people will read it and then return for more B and B Blogging another day.

Announcer: And You Think this is interesting?

Beam_er: Well No, I don't think this is interesting cause this isn't the blog. This is me getting after you.

Announcer: Your still mean.

Beamer: What did I miss?

Beam_er: Nothing.

Announcer: Your brother is mean.

Beamer: I know.

Beam_er: What? Look I don't have time for this. I have a Blog to Produce.

Beamer: So what are we talking about today?

Beam_er: Didn't you read the Email?

Beamer: Well I was going too, then I found a link to a video about Panda bears and then I found one where a bunch of babies were farting and then ...

Beam_er: I give Up.

Annoncer: So, do I still have a Job?

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I just want to know how

Posted by Beamer at 5:21 AM

Announcer: I'm not sure what is going to be discussed today, I just know I am supposed to announce that the following discussion is a bit on the disgusting side and for those of you that are easily disgusted that perhaps you should come back tomorrow.

Beam_er: Thanks Announcer Guy. Uhm, Beamer, I just want to know something?

Beamer: What?

Beam_er: Remember growing up how you use to get whole lemons and then carefully wash them off?

Beamer: And then when I made sure you were watching I would take a big bite out of it like an apple?

Beam_er: Yep exactly. What the hell was the matter with you?

Beamer: I just loved to see the look on your face.

Beam_er: But your eating a lemon rind and all?

Beamer: And your point is?

Beam_er: What the hell is the matter with you?

Beamer: Oh, if you could just see the look on your face.

Beam_er: I get that, but your eating a frigging lemon.

Beamer: Yep. So?

Beam_er: God, Never mind.


Ok. I actually do have a brother, who is four years younger than me. He and I haven't talked in Years. I have a nephew who is probably 4 years old who I have never seen. I don't understand a lot of what my brother does or even come close to understanding why, This lemon eating thing is one of those things. He probably did this 7 or 8 times in the course of two years while we were growing up. I never did ask him why, because just the mere thought of him doing that was just too intense for me back then. At the time, I couldn't even handle lemonade. Lemons just grossed me out. Period. And I made the mistake of telling my brother this one time. So he found the perfect way to almost get me to gag and get my eyes to water and to screw my face up. He found great enjoyment in this.

Then just to make matters worse it did no good for me to tell my dysfunctional mother. She never got after him about this bizzare practice, but kept buying the damn lemons to have him do it again.

Also the posting before with the restaurant in Mexico incident: My brother was the one that got sick. True story. The only thing different was he didn't rest his cheek against the glass. He put his forearm on it and then rested his head against his arm.

It was way worse than I described in the post. I felt so sorry for the customers inside and the restaurant owner lost so much money that night. The place pretty much emptied out and it had been packed.

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So there you are

Posted by Beamer at 8:16 PM

Beamer: You missed yesterday.

Beam_er: Yep.

Beamer: And you almost missed today.

Beam_er: Yep, but I'm here aren't I?

Beamer: Yeah.

Beam_er: And we're blogging aren't we.

Beamer: Is that what you call this?

Beam_er: Yep. We are bloggers and we are blogging. Isn't that exciting?

Beamer: And when we aren't blogging?

Beam_er: When we aren't blogging we are still bloggers. We just aren't blogging.

Beamer: Ok.

Beamer: People are weird.

Beam_er: I'd agree with that.

Beamer: I mean Take Jerry Springer for example>

Beam_er: No You take him.

Beamer: I mean they get such weird people on there.

Beam_er: And you point is?

Beamer: I forget.

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Memorial Day

Posted by Beamer at 4:19 AM

Beam_er: Well Tomorrow is Memorial day in the USA.

Beamer: Yeah I like Memorial day, the day to celebrate memorials. I like the Statue of Liberty. She's so big and green.

Beam_er: Now you know that isn't what Memorial day is for.

Beamer: Yes it is.

Beam_er: Nope. Not even close. Google it if you don't believe me.

Beamer: Uhm, I don't know how.

Beam_er: You can be downright scary at times.

Beamer: Boooo!

Beam_er: You knuckle head.

Beam_er: Ok Look, this is from wikipedia: Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who perished while in military service to their country. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War, after World War I Memorial Day was expanded to include casualties of any war or military action.

Beamer: But you can still celebrate statues and stuff like that if you want, Right?

Beam_er: You have my blessings.

Beamer: Cool.

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So this is - 5 /24 /08

Posted by Beamer at 1:20 AM

Announcer: Before we start our regular broadcast we need to report a technical glitch in our blog. Apparently the Date has not been being displayed. This is troubling, especially for those of you that don't know what date it is. Heaven knows you want to came to B and B to find out what day it is. I just don't know ...

Beam_er: Ok Thanks announcer Guy.

Announcer: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know any one was here yet.

Beam_er: Yeah, well, uhm, you were getting a little carried away there weren't you.

Announcer: Maybe. Ok, just a little. But it's the Internet and I thought I could express ...

Beam_er: Well, it would be nice if you just stuck to the copy, ok?

Announcer: Ok, fine. I won't go off anymore.

Beamer: Beam_er, who's that?

Beam_er: Oh I though I'd class the place up a little and get us an announcer.

Beamer: Do we have a budget for that?

Beam_er: Uhm, sure. As far as you know.

Beamer: Ok cool. He's rather talkative isn't he.

Beam_er: Yeah, he takes after you.

Beamer: Oh thanks.

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Could Be ....

Posted by Beamer at 2:15 AM

Beamer: Are you Drunk?

Beam_er: Nope. Just feeling good.

Beamer: Whats the special occasion?

Beam_er: I don't know. It's Friday and it's been a hell of a week.

Beamer: So its just wine?

Beam_er: For now. Could move into some heavier stuff later.

Beamer: Uh Oh.

Beam_er: I am just glad the week has ended and I am noticing that I really can't type worth a damn when I am like this.

Beamer: You aren't as funny either.

Beam_er: Thank ever so much mister critic.

Beamer: I'm just saying ...

Beam_er: Look, you want to type this thing up. I'll be more than happy to let you have the reins.

Beamer: You know I can't do a thing with computers.

Beam_er: Yep that's right! I'm large and in charge.

Beamer: Woo Hoo!

Beam_er: And don't you forget it.

Beamer: I still can't believe you posted that yesterday.

Beam_er: Well, I'll get the bad stuff out now. They were warned.

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Our trip to Mexico day 1

Posted by Beamer at 1:47 AM

CAUTION: Finish all eating before reading.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Beamer: You know what I was thinking about?

Beam_er: Knowing you, there is no telling.

Beamer: I was thinking of when we went down to Mexico with Mom and Dad.

Beam_er: Which time?

Beamer: When we went down to Ensenada. Remember?

Beam_er: I told you not to eat that burrito, didn't I?

Beamer: But she looked so nice and old and that Burrito tasted so good going down.

Beam_er: And coming back up?

Beamer: I think it was that luke warm coconut drink she sold me that tasted so bad coming back up.

Beam_er: Right in front of that plate glass window. You couldn't have leaned the opposite way?

Beamer: I didn't even feel it coming. I just knew I was having trouble standing and that glass felt so nice and cool against my cheek.

Beam_er: I wish I would have had a camera. It was classic. Late Friday night. A restaurant full of fancy dressed diners, suits and ties, dresses, jewelery and fancy shoes. I bet they smelled really nice as well. The waiters, all in tuxedos. And then there was my brother's cheek against that window.

Beamer: I would have apologized if I would have known Spanish.

Beam+_er: I think they saw enough of you. And what you had for dinner. Wow! That plate glass window was huge and that Burrito was huge as well wasn't it?

Beamer: I had been hungry. And it went so well with that coconut drink.

Beam_er: You ever drunk a coconut drink like that since?

Beamer: Nope and it took me years before I could handle a burrito again.

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Go ahead, guess

Posted by Beamer at 1:56 AM

Beamer: You'll never guess what I had for breakfast today.

Beam_er: Your probably right. What did you have for breakfast?

Beamer: Guess.

Beam_er: Allright ... Oatmeal.

Beamer: Nope.

Beam_er: It was scrambled eggs.

Beamer: Nope.

Beam_er: French Toast.

Beamer: Nope.

Beam_er: I give up ... what was it?

Beamer: Cornbread.

Beam_er For Breakfast?

Beamer: Yep. With Milk.

Beam_er: I am very happy for you.

Beamer: Yep, Cornbread with milk for breakfast.

5 minutes later ...

Beamer: Did I tell you it was with milk?

Beam_er: I'm going to the store.

Beamer: For breakfast. It was good. Have you ever had it? Huh? I mean for breakfast.

Beam_er: Good bye.

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A contest

Posted by Beamer at 1:36 AM

We are holding a contest to help us spread the word on our "add new blog" feature and our new E-Book, so anyone who posts on their blog, mentions our new "add a blog" feature, and posts a link to our new ebook on their blog wins 2000 credits. Just leave a comment on this blog post with the link for us to see.

Beam_er: We can do that.

Beamer: What?

Beam_er: Do the Ecard contest.

Beamer: Oh yeah. Wow, your getting good at that.

Beam_er: Thanks. Its taken years of practice.

Beamer: I wish I was that talented.

Beam_er: But we need to mention the contest. They have an Ebook and an "add a blog" feature.

Beamer: Uhm, are we a Blog?

Beam_er: We sure are.

Beamer: So we can add us to Entre card?

Beam_er: Would you believe we just did Sunday.

Beamer: Yikes.

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Look out, dear ...

Posted by Beamer at 4:28 AM

SYDNEY (Reuters) - An Australian man was gored in the thigh on Friday by an amorous stag after entering a deer paddock in the middle of the breeding season.

The 26-year-old worker at the tourist farm near Sydney ignored signs on the paddock gate warning people to keep out and was charged by the stag, the husband of the farm's owner told Reuters.

"It was the middle of the rut (breeding season), that is why the animal was acting like it did," Barry Hibbard told Reuters.

The man, who was apparently trying to feed some grass cuttings to the deer, was taken to hospital after the incident and is expected to be sent home later on Friday, Hibbard said.

Hibbard said the animal was usually very docile, but did not take kindly to the intrusion of another male into its territory.

"He had six or seven girlfriends, you can imagine he would be protective in those circumstances," Hibbard said.

"I know I would be if I was that lucky."

(Reporting by Jonathan Standing, editing by Miral Fahmy)

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Beamer: I did that once.

Beam_er: What, got gored in the leg by a deer?

Beamer: No, I fed a deer. Actually, it was a baby deer.

Beam_er: A fawn. You fed a fawn.

Beamer: I fed a who?

Beam_er: You fed a fawn. A baby deer.

Beamer: You don't have to call me names.

Beam_er: What name did I call you?

Beamer: I don't mind you calling me dear, but I am not a baby.

Beam_er: You fed a fawn, right?

Beamer: I forget.

Beam_er: But you brought it up. The deer, the grass, the man climbing the fence.

Beamer: You want a coke?

Beam_er: Yeah sure.

Beam_er: Man, You think we have it tough, what about those people in China?

Beamer: I know, having to eat every thing with those little pieces of wood.

Beam_er: You mean Chopsticks? I wouldn't have the patience. No I was talking about that earthquake.

Beamer: I'd lose a lot of weight using those things. Earthquakes suck.

Beam-er: Uhm, I think sucking is about the only thing Earthquakes don't do.

Beamer: They'd be great for milkshakes. I like chocolate the best.

Beam_er: Your about the only one I know that can go from earthquakes to chocolate Milkshakes. Your brain is really wired odd.

Beamer: But at least I don't talk to myself.

Beam_er: Thank God for that.

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Picture day

Posted by Beamer at 6:42 AM

Beam_er: What the heck is that?

Beamer: Oh, I couldn't get Blogger to take this picture on My Photo Blog, so I put it here instead. That ok with you?

Beam_er: So this isn't going to be a daily routine is it?

Beamer: Not to worry. As soon as Blogger gets it's act together, We'll be back the way we were.

Beam_er: 'Cause you know how I handle change.

Beamer: Yeah, not well and terribly.

Beam_er: Exactly.

Beam_er: What are you going to have for breakfast?

Beamer: I was thinking about making some pancakes.

Beam_er: You always make pancakes.

Beamer: No I don't I had Oatmeal yesterday. You always eat Peanut butter Sandwhiches. So What?

Beam_er: Well, it calms me down.

Beamer: You know that is a very crazy Idea, even if does work. I think it is all physcosomatic.

Beam_er: You take that back.

Beamer: Do you know what psychosomatic means?

Beam_er: No, but you take that back.

Beamer: It means in your head. I think you, thinking that by eating Peanut butter sandwhiches, that is going to somehow calm you down, is all in your head.

Beam_er: Well your wrong. It all goes to my belly, so there.

Beamer: Your absolutely right. I stand corrected. Sheesh.

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