BMW Rules ... B and B

Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

Yo Dude ...

Posted by Beamer at 4:11 PM

Announcer: Seeing as how this isn't even the morning, do I still have to give the date?

Beam_er: Just humor me.

Announcer: Ok, the Date is May 30th, 2008 and it's not even close to being in the morning.

Beam_er: Ok, that's the second time you said that it's not the morning. Are trying to say something?

Announcer: Gee, I don't know ... Maybe, because it's the afternoon.

Beam_er: You do know you are just the announcer, Right? The title of this thing isn't B an B and the announcer.

Announcer: It could be.

Beam_er: How ya doin'?

Beamer: I'm all right. How you doing?

Beam_er: Doing pert damn good, thanks.

Beamer: So what are we doing today? I didn't see an e-mail.

Beam_er: No, I didn't send an e-mail today. I thought we could wing it.

Beamer: Oh wow Dude.

Beam_er: Pretty spiffy huh?

Beamer: I almost pee'd my pants with excitement.

Beam_er: So what do you want to do?

Beamer: Go Eat. I'm starving.

Beam_er: But ...

Beamer: Cone on ... let's go to McDonalds.

Beam_er: How am I gonna write about you eating?

Beamer: I don't know. Your the expert blogger. My tummies growling.

Beam_er: Egads.