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Part two of Amy's Interview - Repost

Posted by Beamer at 7:37 PM

August 2nd, 2008

Part Two:

Beam_er: Have you ever made money from your writing? Do you have anything published?

Amy: I've had several articles published around the web on different websites. I have articles that are now several years old still sitting on active websites today. I've never been published-published like in magazine, newspaper, etc. Maybe some day... when I grow up. ;)

Beamer: When you grow up - That's funny.

Beam_er: I like the new Layout of your blog. Do you design this stuff yourself?

Amy: Thank you! Yes, I do. Sometimes I drag a friend or two into it to give me feedback. It's a side hobby that I enjoy.

Beam_er: Ok, You can ask her one question.

Beamer: Hi. I know your fond of taking in stray animals. Did your Parents do this or has this just become something you do?

Beam_er: Good question.

Beamer: Thanks

Amy: Mike (my husband) and I have always been the kind of people who rescue animals. If we can - we try. I think that's part of what brought us together. As children (he's 12 years older, we didn't grow up together or anything) we were known for bringing strays home. My parents weren't too into strays. They weren't like that... but I distinctly remember bringing home an abandoned kitten in my purse. Mike found a kitten trapped in a tree when he was a kid and brought it home to his Granny. She named him Rascal and had him for years.

Beam_er: Ever Been Interviewed Before? Cause I've never done this before. Your my first.

Amy: Actually, I've been interviewed a couple of times. I like being the interviewer better, I think. ;)

Beamer: I've interviewed people before.

Beam_er: You have? Where?

Beamer: In the closet. I have interviewed my toy soldiers before.

Beam_er: Gee Thanks for sharing that. Amy, what are some of the favorite things you like to check out in the Internet?

Amy: I'm addicted to weather reports. Usually when September gets here (and you know how long the heat in Bakersfield lasts) I start checking the weather religiously looking for a "cooling" trend. It drives Mike nuts! I love and I am a freak about reading the news and I usually check at least once a day. Aside from that - I read blogs and monkey around on MySpace or Facebook occasionally.

Beamer: I've been dealing with the Internet for some 16 years now. How long have you been "surfing" on the Internet?

Amy: Hmmm, I've always monkeyed with computers because my dad has a fascination with them. I didn't really start getting into the internet until 1996. I was a major chat room junkie.

Beamer: I Know you have your side shops. How did you get into selling stuff through them?

Amy: I have always had some form of money-making venture online. I ran an ezine for over 5 years. I started out with a program called Quick100 and when from there to The Simple System and from there I got into marketing MLM programs online with a business partner. It's only been in the last year maybe that I brought more commercial aspects to my blog - I maintained a "starving artist" complex where it was concerned for years.

Beamer: Do you make your shirts and stuff that you sell?

Amy: Ha! LOL - no, no, no. I have a CafePress shop. And, my Nana, Granny and Grandma stuff have been the biggest sellers. I do design all the graphics myself and my children's bug line (line... HA!) I actually designed by hand. My daughter, Kate, loved my insect doodles and convinced me to put them on some of the shirts and things. I would draw them, scan them in and then add effects and things. So I don't actually make the shirts, but I do design what goes on them.

Beam_er: Well thank you very much, Amy. I really appreciate the time you spent with us.