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Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

Oh Well

Posted by Beamer at 4:46 AM

July 8th, 2008

Beam_er: Well I'm Back.

Beamer: I notice.

Beam_er: And were back to same old background.

Beamer: I see.

Beam_er: Dude, you need to quit talking so much.

Beamer: I'm still trying to wake up.

Beam_er: What, you get a few days off and you ain't use to getting up early any more.

Beamer: Yep.

Beam_er Well, I guess its a good thing one of us is awake.

Beamer: Yep.

Beam_er: I'll fix you some coffee.

Beamer: Coffee.