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Your Kidding , Right?

Posted by Beamer at 8:22 PM

August 28th 2008

Beam_er: Nope I ain't kidding. He's here, I mean they are here. Somewhere.

Bobby aka B-eamer: You been getting onto the Moonshine again haven't you?

Beam_er: You know I can't drink that stuff straight and we are out of Prune Juice.

Bobby: I never did ask you how you found that combination.

Beam_er: What about Dave?

Bobby: Ok, breathe. Calm down. One step at a time.

Beam_er: It's him. He's alive.

Bobby: Well, I never did think he was dead.

Beam_er: But how long has it been?

Bobby: Years.

Beam_er: Yep. Years. Wow.

Bobby: Yep, wow.