BMW Rules ... B and B

Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

So this is - 5 /24 /08

Posted by Beamer at 1:20 AM

Announcer: Before we start our regular broadcast we need to report a technical glitch in our blog. Apparently the Date has not been being displayed. This is troubling, especially for those of you that don't know what date it is. Heaven knows you want to came to B and B to find out what day it is. I just don't know ...

Beam_er: Ok Thanks announcer Guy.

Announcer: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know any one was here yet.

Beam_er: Yeah, well, uhm, you were getting a little carried away there weren't you.

Announcer: Maybe. Ok, just a little. But it's the Internet and I thought I could express ...

Beam_er: Well, it would be nice if you just stuck to the copy, ok?

Announcer: Ok, fine. I won't go off anymore.

Beamer: Beam_er, who's that?

Beam_er: Oh I though I'd class the place up a little and get us an announcer.

Beamer: Do we have a budget for that?

Beam_er: Uhm, sure. As far as you know.

Beamer: Ok cool. He's rather talkative isn't he.

Beam_er: Yeah, he takes after you.

Beamer: Oh thanks.