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Oh me Gawd

Posted by Beamer at 3:01 PM

July 28th, 2008

Beamer: I am so stuffed.

Bobby: (In case you missed yesterdays exciting episode, Beam_er has officially changed his name to Bobby. Seconds later Bobby got a phone call from his Mom, who didn't seem to pleased with Beam_er's Name change. But if you did read yesterdays exciting episode, uhm, carry on.) Your stuffed and changing the subject aren't you?

Beamer: Those chicken wings were so good.

Bobby: About that Phone call?

Beamer: What phone call. I don't know what your talking about? (BuRRRpp)

Bobby: Real Classy, The phone call from Mom - How did you do that?

Beamer: She always calls at that time of the day.

Bobby: I don't think so.

Beamer: Well, she's going to.

Bobby: Beamer, your full of it.

Beamer: Yep, Chicken wings and Pizza.