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Part 2 of the Junk Drawer Interview

Posted by Beamer at 8:56 AM

October 8th, 2008

Bobby: Can I ask her a question?

Beamer: Fine.

Bobby: You must be pretty smart and Stuff. Did you get good grades in school?

Beamer: What a lame question.

Kathy: I was a sometimes honors student in grade school and high school, but really excelled in college, graduating summa cum laude. I never reveal my SAT score to anyone because the number is horrific. But it illustrates that the number is only one indicator for success in life, and dare I say, it was nearly meaningless in mine. It mattered not what my score was. It mattered that I’ve applied myself since then. If there’s one lesson to be learned, it’s that numbers aren’t everything. Time and perseverance can change all that.

Bobby: Did you get all that?

Beamer: Who was the first teacher to make a positive impact on your life?

Kathy: That would be Sister Pat Dwyer, my tenth grade English teacher. She was the first teacher to notice my writing talents and to tell me I ought to do something with it. She suggested I attend a Creative Arts camp that summer. Due to financial constraints, I couldn’t go, but just knowing she thought I had a talent for writing was a huge boost to my fragile ego. It was a pivotal moment for me.

Beamer: I loved The Image of where you post at your laptop during the warm Months, overlooking your Back yard. What made you think of moving out there?

Bobby: She posts from her back Yard?

Beamer: That's what she said she did, Post from her back yard. Uhm, What does that mean?

Bobby: I'll explain it to ya later.

Beamer: Ok.

Kathy: Ok?

Beamer: Oh Yeah, go ahead.

Kathy: I moved out there mostly so that I can keep an eye on my cat Stinky when she explores the yard. We have an invisible fence, but she can’t be trusted not to cross over it. I also want to get away from the distraction of TV noise, and I find that sitting outdoors helps clear my head and get the writing juices flowing. I also enjoy some of the most stunning sunsets on my patio. The kind that make you see God. I’m thinking about rearranging some furniture in our study to make it blogging-friendly. I need a cozy nook for those cold days when I can’t blog outside.

Beamer: You have such a great sense of Humor. Where do you think it came from?

Kathy: Oh, geez. Bless your heart. I’m embarrassed to even answer this question. I may write funny from time to time, but in no way am I the life of the party. I’m quiet and introverted. My husband is the Rodney Dangerfield of the house. And my best friend can tell a story that’ll make you pee your pants. I don’t know. Where does it come from? Perhaps it’s just my general philosophy about life. If you can’t find the funny, you’re doomed.

Beamer: There is one store that I can get lost in so easily, It's embarrassing. You seem to have that problem a little more often. Is it getting any better?

Kathy: Absolutely not, and I see no improvement in my future. You know how some people have a mental block for things like mathematics? That’s how I am with directions and navigation. Not gonna happen. I don’t even try anymore. I simply surround myself with others who can get from Point A to Point B and follow them around like a puppy.

Beamer:m I am almost afraid to ask How your old cat got her name of Stinky?

Kathy: When we acquired Stinky and her brother as kittens, we named them Calvin and Hobbes after the Bill Watterson comic that my husband and I love. Stinky never responded to the name Hobbes for some reason. Perhaps because of the soft “H” sound. One day, she visited the litter box and left a gag-inducing odor behind. I said “Boy, for such a little thing, she sure does stink!” The rest is history. What’s fun is when we take her to the vet and they call her name when she’s next in line. We exit the waiting room, trailed by the sound of chuckles from other pet owners.

Beamer: You have no Idea of how I want to ask you about Praying Mantises, But I won't. I know you don't like bugs.

Kathy: Thank you. I can’t even look at pictures of bugs and now I feel like something’s crawling on me just thinkin’ about them. Thanks. Now I’m freaking out.

Bobby: Way to go Beamer.

Beamer: How'd I know she was going to react like that. Well, thank You For letting me pick your Brain. It's been fun.

Kathy: Thank you so much for having me! Now if this had been a real Barbara Walters Special, everyone would be weeping by now. Hopefully no one cried during the reading of this post.