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Boys will Be Boys

Posted by Beamer at 6:58 PM

August 13th, 2008

Bobby: Well, I sure got a valuable lesson yesterday.

Beamer: Hide Amy's axe?

Bobby: That and be very careful who you ask to come up with a topic for this blog.

Beamer: Pretty important stuff, Huh?

Bobby: You bet. Man, you see the look in her eyes when she brought up Hairdos. It was scary.

Beamer: Not as scary as when she picked that axe back up.

Bobby: Well, it was the glee I saw in her eyes that scared me then.

Beamer: She does like her weaponry.

Bobby: She is also very versatile too. She has talked of putting her husbands gonads on a skewer before.

Beamer: Owww!

Bobby: Yep. My thoughts exactly. Then she has laughed about such an act. She is one to keep your eyes on.

Beamer: And you had to Interview her.

Bobby: I didn't know she had that Axe then.