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Name Change

Posted by Beamer at 2:32 AM

July 27th, 2008

Beam_er: You Know What?

Beamer: You getting tired of your name.

Beam_er: Your getting good at that. Yep, I'm gonna change it.

Beamer: Dude, Mom isn't going to like it.

Beam_er: How is she going to find out?

Beamer: Gee, I wonder.

Beam_er: You wouldn't tell. I'm going to become Bobby.

Beamer: Bobby?

Bobby: Yep. I like it.

Phone rings.

Beamer: Hello. Ok, just a minute, Mom.

Bobby gives Beamer a quizzical look as Beamer hands him the phone.

Bobby: Hello Mom. What? But ... But ... Look I'm old enough to ... Mom! ... I don't care ... I'm sorry Mom, But I'm keeping it. Ok ... I know... I love ... Oh shit.

Beamer: What's the matter?

Bobby: Like you don't know.