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Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

But that's crazy

Posted by Beamer at 6:29 AM

6 / 16 /2008

Beam_er: I can't believe it.

Beamer: What's up now?

Beam_er: Oh, ... It's just this stupid Father's day report that they keep showing on the news This Morning.

Beamer: What's wrong with it? It's at the zoo. It shows fathers and sons.

Beam_er: Do you see any animals?

Beamer: Now that you mention it ...

Beam_er: They have a report at the zoo and don't show animal one.

Beamer: I am sure they had a good reason.

Beam_er: They would rather show water running.

Beamer: They do that quite well, don't they?

Beamer: This was pretty lame you know.

Beam_er: Hey it's a post isn't it? It's Monday. I need more coffee.