BMW Rules ... B and B

Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

Could Be ....

Posted by Beamer at 2:15 AM

Beamer: Are you Drunk?

Beam_er: Nope. Just feeling good.

Beamer: Whats the special occasion?

Beam_er: I don't know. It's Friday and it's been a hell of a week.

Beamer: So its just wine?

Beam_er: For now. Could move into some heavier stuff later.

Beamer: Uh Oh.

Beam_er: I am just glad the week has ended and I am noticing that I really can't type worth a damn when I am like this.

Beamer: You aren't as funny either.

Beam_er: Thank ever so much mister critic.

Beamer: I'm just saying ...

Beam_er: Look, you want to type this thing up. I'll be more than happy to let you have the reins.

Beamer: You know I can't do a thing with computers.

Beam_er: Yep that's right! I'm large and in charge.

Beamer: Woo Hoo!

Beam_er: And don't you forget it.

Beamer: I still can't believe you posted that yesterday.

Beam_er: Well, I'll get the bad stuff out now. They were warned.