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Ok, Your forgiven

Posted by Beamer at 5:10 PM

July 30th, 2008

Beamer: You mean it.

Bobby: Yes, I forgive you. Mom still doesn't want to talk to me, but she'll get over it.

Beamer: Yes, she will. I still want to call you Beam_er though.

Bobby: You'll get use to it as well.

Beamer: So are you having to change your checks and all that?

Bobby: Uhm, dude?

Beamer: Yes?

Bobby: I'm not real, remember.

Beamer: Yeah, but you could have checks, right?

Bobby: Nope.

Beamer: You have to pay for your electricity and water right?

Bobby: Nope.

Beamer: So what is it you do?

Bobby: I show up here and look cute.