BMW Rules ... B and B

Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

Go ahead, guess

Posted by Beamer at 1:56 AM

Beamer: You'll never guess what I had for breakfast today.

Beam_er: Your probably right. What did you have for breakfast?

Beamer: Guess.

Beam_er: Allright ... Oatmeal.

Beamer: Nope.

Beam_er: It was scrambled eggs.

Beamer: Nope.

Beam_er: French Toast.

Beamer: Nope.

Beam_er: I give up ... what was it?

Beamer: Cornbread.

Beam_er For Breakfast?

Beamer: Yep. With Milk.

Beam_er: I am very happy for you.

Beamer: Yep, Cornbread with milk for breakfast.

5 minutes later ...

Beamer: Did I tell you it was with milk?

Beam_er: I'm going to the store.

Beamer: For breakfast. It was good. Have you ever had it? Huh? I mean for breakfast.

Beam_er: Good bye.