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Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

The last I heard

Posted by Beamer at 6:11 PM

Beam_er: There were 825 separate fires going blazes in Northern California.

Beamer: I didn't do it.

Beam_er: I didn't say you did. Besides, it has been a very long time since we have been to northern California.

Beamer: You mean since I have been to northern California.

Beam_er Slaps Beamer upside the head, which hurts.

Beamer: Oh yeah sorry. (He rubs the side of his head, which feels better.)

Beam_er: Look 800 some odd fires is insane. Fortunately, I guess, They were mostly caused by Mother Nature.

Beamer: She shouldn't play with Matches.

Beam_er: Lighting, you goof ball, lighting caused the fires.

Beamer: Well, neither one of them should play with Matches.