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An Explanation

Posted by Beamer at 7:28 PM

August 21st, 2008

Ok, I guess I owe it to you guys. I have kept you hanging probably way too long, But it hard to tell.

I didn't want to ruin the magic - Uhm, yeah right!

Ok, so I use to hang around a place on the Internet called the Yahoo message Boards. I spent way too much time there, but it was for a good reason at the time. Anyway, while I was there I ran into this guy Named Dave Beckwith, A seriously funny individual. While I was at the message boards, there was a topic opened up that was called the Humor Board, or something very original like that. This allowed for Dave to spawn Dave and Beck, some of the funniest stuff I had ever come across. It was all written by him, Dave Beckwith, But it was about these two brothers and the trouble they would get into. (Sound vaguely familiar.)

Now after a while, I tried my hand at writing and posting some stuff similar to that he was writing, only coming at it from my point of view. I put it out there and people thought it was funny, at least some of them did. So I kept at it. Now when it really got sweet, I thought, is when Dave and I joined forces and had four people, two sets of brothers, going at it.

This went on for actually a couple of years. The topics Dave would get into were really out there. He had a Bike that would travel in time, He was Mowing down Mailboxes for awhile, (You had to be there), there was a traveling circus show, and this stuff just went on and on and would get so crazy, and there I was damn near peeing my pants over this stuff. He was sooo funny. And I was so grateful for every nuance he posted.

But as Time does, it moves on, and we kind of went our separate ways, then Yahoo, really screwed things up, and we parted ways. I miss Dave something terrible and hope some day to get back in touch with him. But all this was mainly for 3 people. Me, Dave and this lovely Lady Named Windsong. But I am so thankful for you guys as well.

I know your out there, I can hear you breathing. That and Google kind spies on ya.

So there ya have it. The sorted truth of why these two brothers do what they do (Well, not really. Hell, I don't even know why they do what they do.) and now the cast of characters has kind of grown with the comic strip.

And yes, I do actually have a Brother. He is four years younger than me, and we don't speak. Which is his choosing. I guess he likes living this way.