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It's how you say it that counts

Posted by Beamer at 11:49 AM

November 7th, 2008

Bobby: Well it's over.

Beamer: It?

Bobby: The Election.

Beamer: Really?

Bobby: Yeah!

Beamer: Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

Bobby: Do you know how many people voted in this election?

Beamer: A bunch?

Bobby: A bunch and you missed it.

Beamer: Yep. I was concentrating on Halloween.

Bobby: I know that is your Big Holiday.

Beamer: Well, after Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Bobby: That is true, I forgot about that.

Beamer: And Fourth of July isn't far behind. I love them fireworks.

Bobby: Got it.

Beamer: So, who won?

Bobby: Obama

Beamer: That wasn't the old guy was it?

Bobby: No, the young black dude won.

Beamer: Interesting.

Bobby: Is that all you have to say.

Beamer: Are we online?

Bobby: Yes we are.

Beamer: Nope that's it. That and farfegnugen. I love that word.

Bobby: Farfegnugen? That's it?

Beamer: Ok one more word - Watermelon.

Bobby: Yeah Ok.