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Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

Your Late ...

Posted by Beamer at 3:39 PM

Beam_er: Yeah, well, I didn't forget. Just almost.

Beamer: So, you have a topic yet?

Beam_er: Why of course I do. It's a great one. It is titillating and succulent and almost mouthwatering.

Beamer: You haven't got a thing do you?

Beam_er: Nope. Hang on ...

Beamer: So you got anything yet?

Beam_er: Yep Jello. Every body loves Jello.

Beamer: You just like it cause it's jiggly.

Beam_er: And "There's Always Room for JELL-O"

Beamer: You keep this up, I'm gonna have to go fix me some.

Beam_er: Been awhile since you had some huh?

Beamer: Especially with whip cream.

Beam_er: I like drinking it when I'm not feeling good. Like when it's still warm and gooshy.

Beamer: That's it. I'm fixing some.