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The day after

Posted by Beamer at 1:14 PM

November 1st, 2008

Bobby: You didn't go trick or treating last night?

Beamer: I couldn't find my teeth.

Bobby: You had those things for years. They were gross.

Beamer: They were my Lucky Candy Teeth. I had them since I was 12.

Bobby: I don't even want to think about all the germs there were on them.

Beamer: I had them for 18 years.

Bobby: What, your 20?

Beamer: In my world, yes.

Bobby: You can always buy new ones.

Beamer: I'm just not going trick or treating any more.

Bobby: Did it ever cross your mind your too old for that?

Beamer: What - are you to old to go to Disneyland? Are you too old to go to Seaworld?

Bobby: It's not the same.

Beamer: Are you too old to play Baseball?

Bobby: What is your problem?

Beamer: I didn't get my annual Candy Fix.

Bobby: Is that it? Is that your problem?

Bobby walks into the next room and brings back left over Halloween candy.

Bobby: Here - will that make you happy?

Beamer: It's a nice start.

Bobby: I know, it's not your 35 pound haul as usual.

Beamer: What 35 pounds? I had 52 pounds of candy last year. It took me 4 days to eat all that.

Bobby: I'm getting sick just thinking about it.