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The heat is on

Posted by Beamer at 5:18 AM

August 25th, 2008

Bobby: Did you read Amy's post today?

Beamer: You know I did.

Bobby: Could you ever eat 5 or 6 Serrano chilis with 2 pounds of mussels.

Beamer: Next Question .. You know I can't.

Bobby: How do people handle that kind of heat?

Beamer: Asbestos stomach.

Bobby: I guess.


Beamer: What kind of a post do you call that?

Bobby: A quick one.

Beamer: And you think folks appreciate that?

Bobby: If they are in a hurry, yeah.

Beamer: And if they are not in a hurry?

Bobby: Ok, fine, so maybe not. I need to make the posts longer. You Happy?

Beamer: Ok, that's better.