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A Repost

Posted by Beamer at 5:17 PM

August 1, 2008

In case you missed it during the confusion of the moving around:

Today, I have something pretty special, at least for me. This, Ladies and Gentleman is an Interview with a very creative and funny lady which has some amazing stuff that she posts on her blog and she has graciously agreed to let me, or I should say Beam_er, interview her. Her name is Amy and her Blog is Amy's Musings. I'm going to break this into two parts.

Beam_er: I really like your Blog. It is literally the first thing I check out in the morning once I get onto the Internet. Just how long have you been doing this blogging thing?

Amy: Since 2004, I believe. Maggie was about 8 months old and Mike was taking out of town classes and I needed a hobby.

Beamer: Blogging as a Hobby. Why that is just crazy.

Beam_er: Shhhh.Sorry about that. I see you include your family a lot in your blog. Are your children are supportive of you using them in your blog and do they ever read your blog to see what is being said about them?

Beamer: I don't believe Maggie can read yet.

Beam_er: I know that. Would let her answer the question.

Amy: Kate actually comments on my blog occasionally. Usually to say something smartaleck-ey. Ethan rarely comments, but has written a post for me, once. It went over pretty well so I had to shut it down, Can't have him gaining a bigger following! ;) More intimidating for me was when my kids' friends found my blog. Ethan's girlfriend and a couple of friends have actually commented there as well, so I won't be sharing any super embarrassing stories about Ethan!

Beamer: Do I get to ask a question?

Beam_er: Really Dude, maintain. Amy, what are your favorite subjects to blog about?

Amy: I wish I was one of these organized people who could answer that clearly, but I'm not. I don't plan posts weeks in advance, sometimes I'll get an idea and it will roll around in my head before I formulate it. Mostly I blog on the fly whatever catches my fancy at the time. I prefer to write funny instead of serious though. There's enough serious around the blogosphere.

Beam_er: You have quite a gift with the English Language. Did you like English in school?

Amy: I loved writing. I'm not fond of editing or all the lovely punctuation rules. I really write just like a talk most of the time. Thus, if I am talking in my head as I am typing and I take a pause I'll put in ... even though that's not the appropriate use for that punctuation. But, for me, it makes sense.