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A little Sumpin' Sumpin'

Posted by Beamer at 4:35 PM

August 18th, 2008

Beamer: I think you ought to do it.

Bobby: Oh, don't worry. It's going to happen.

Beamer: I don't think he has an Internet connection.

Bobby: I don't really care. He doesn't know where I live.

Beamer: He might E-Mail You.

Bobby: Yeah, that has me scared.

Beamer: So, it's official then, Crispy is going to be in the Comic Strip.

Bobby: And he is going to looking way goofy.

Beamer: The dude has it coming doesn't he?

Bobby: Oh, Yeah.

Beamer: But you have to give him credit for giving you sumpin' to blog about.

Bobby: Yeah, ok, I'll give him that.