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Our trip to Mexico day 1

Posted by Beamer at 1:47 AM

CAUTION: Finish all eating before reading.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Beamer: You know what I was thinking about?

Beam_er: Knowing you, there is no telling.

Beamer: I was thinking of when we went down to Mexico with Mom and Dad.

Beam_er: Which time?

Beamer: When we went down to Ensenada. Remember?

Beam_er: I told you not to eat that burrito, didn't I?

Beamer: But she looked so nice and old and that Burrito tasted so good going down.

Beam_er: And coming back up?

Beamer: I think it was that luke warm coconut drink she sold me that tasted so bad coming back up.

Beam_er: Right in front of that plate glass window. You couldn't have leaned the opposite way?

Beamer: I didn't even feel it coming. I just knew I was having trouble standing and that glass felt so nice and cool against my cheek.

Beam_er: I wish I would have had a camera. It was classic. Late Friday night. A restaurant full of fancy dressed diners, suits and ties, dresses, jewelery and fancy shoes. I bet they smelled really nice as well. The waiters, all in tuxedos. And then there was my brother's cheek against that window.

Beamer: I would have apologized if I would have known Spanish.

Beam+_er: I think they saw enough of you. And what you had for dinner. Wow! That plate glass window was huge and that Burrito was huge as well wasn't it?

Beamer: I had been hungry. And it went so well with that coconut drink.

Beam_er: You ever drunk a coconut drink like that since?

Beamer: Nope and it took me years before I could handle a burrito again.