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What were you thinking?

Posted by Beamer at 1:59 PM

Announcer: Ok, so again its not the morning and it is now the 2nd of June, 2008.

Beam_er: I was just remembering something really stupid you told me about.

Beamer: And I am probably regretting ever telling you this.

Beam_er: Probably.

Beamer: So what is this sorted tale?

Beam_er: Oh it was just when you first started driving a forklift.

Beamer: Yeah ...

Beam_er: And you drove it into the middle of the pond at work.

Beamer: And it sunk?

Beam_er: Thats the one.

Beamer: That was pretty funny, except for when my boss found out.

Beam_er: Well how were you supposed to know that there was no asphalt under the water? You had just started there.

Beamer: That was probably my saving grace.

Beam_er: So how deep did it sink any way?

Beamer: Oh up to the axles. I bottomed it out. It was stuck good. Then it only took 2 trucks to pull it out. What a mess. Luckily the water was only about 6 inches deep and about 30 feet around. It splashed pretty good till it got out to the center. Then it left me stranded.