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Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

A contest

Posted by Beamer at 1:36 AM

We are holding a contest to help us spread the word on our "add new blog" feature and our new E-Book, so anyone who posts on their blog, mentions our new "add a blog" feature, and posts a link to our new ebook on their blog wins 2000 credits. Just leave a comment on this blog post with the link for us to see.

Beam_er: We can do that.

Beamer: What?

Beam_er: Do the Ecard contest.

Beamer: Oh yeah. Wow, your getting good at that.

Beam_er: Thanks. Its taken years of practice.

Beamer: I wish I was that talented.

Beam_er: But we need to mention the contest. They have an Ebook and an "add a blog" feature.

Beamer: Uhm, are we a Blog?

Beam_er: We sure are.

Beamer: So we can add us to Entre card?

Beam_er: Would you believe we just did Sunday.

Beamer: Yikes.