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Posted by Beamer at 6:29 PM

Announcer: The time is not morning again and the date is May 31, 2008.

Beam_er: This is a little different today. I have a tale to tell. A true tale. Hopefully the Marine is still alive to remember this story and can tell his buddies that he was featured on B and B.

I was doing home deliveries for a local company that had been in business for years as Montgomery Wards. It sold a whole bunch of different stuff and at the time I was the main driver for the truck that delivered what the customers could load into their trunk. One of the Items we delivered a lot of was refrigerators.

This particular refrigerator was to be delivered north of town. We, my helper and I, arrived early in the morning and I went to the door to see where the refrigerator was to go in the house. This fine morning I was met at the front door by a US Marine. The reason I knew this was because he was in battle fatigues with a great deal of camouflage on them. I asked him where the new appliance was to go and he showed me. He also showed me where they wanted the old appliance to go in the garage. They were going to use the old one to store beer in.

Great. I went out, told my helper what this delivery was about and went back inside to clear the way for the moves.

A few minutes later I returned to the truck to help get the large refrig out of the trailer. We went inside with the new appliance and put it into place. We got the old refrig and moved it ot he garage. No Problem. Then the fun started.

To plug the new refrig in the wall to make sure it worked properly, I needed an adapter
To get the new 3 prong plug on the appliance to plug into the wall outlet, which was 2 prongs. I asked the young marine about the object of my desire. He went out to the garage and I followed him. There he found what must have been a 75 foot extension cord.

The cord was orange. The adapter I was looking for was the same color. The marine had the cord in hand and looked at one end of the cord.

"No Adapter here." Now the adapter is gonna be at one end or the other. It ain't gonna be anywhere else.

"Don't worry, I'm gonna find it though."

So I watched as he carefully inspected every inch of that cord, looking for the adapter. I stood there in absolute astonishment. Here was one of America's finest. They let this guy have handgernades and shoot rifles and pistols. Hell, he might drive a tank. And he couldn't find the adapter on this extension cord. So he finally go to the other end and guess what?

There was the adapter.

"Here it is. I knew I'd find it."