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Reverting for one post

Posted by Beamer at 5:16 PM

August 11th, 2008

Bobby: So, it looks like B and B 3.0 is a hit.

Beamer: B and B 3.0?

Bobby: The cartoon thingy.

Beamer: Oh, I knew that.

Bobby: The announcer dude looks pretty suave doesn't he?

Beamer: I could wear a tux, if I wanted to.

Bobby: Yeah Right, You probably don't even know what a cummerbund is , do you?

Beamer: Isn't that what you slice into salads?

Bobby: Yeah that's it. Glam would be so happy to know that fact.

Beamer: You don't think she is still reading us do you?

Bobby: There's always a chance.

Beamer: Just as long as she doesn't meet up with Amy?

Bobby: I think it would be interesting.