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Green and mean

Posted by Beamer at 3:07 AM

July 10th, 2008

Beam_er: You realize this post above us here is the actually thinner than the first B and B 2.0 posting.

Beamer: Ok.

Beam_er: It's narrower, yet you can't read it as well.

Beamer: Ok.

Beam_er: It's narrower, you can't read it and it's driving me crazy.

Beamer: Ok.

Beam_er: Is that all you can say?

Beamer: Beam_er, it's the Internet. Let it go.

Beam_er: Just like that?

Beamer: Just like that.

Beam_er: Fine.

(Also if you want a fine example of what Beamer was talking about visit Amy's site and see for yourself. Crazy people with a video Camera)