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Happy Fathers Day

Posted by Beamer at 9:36 AM

6 / 15/ 2008

Beamer: Happy Fathers day.

Beam_er: Yeah Right.

Beamer: Whats up?

Beam_er: I'm just remembering Dad.

Beamer: He was one of a kind.

Beam_er: Yeah you were lucky. You were his fave.

Beamer: I sure was.

Beam_er: So you had no Idea what I had to put up with.

Beamer: There were times when I had a hard time hearing the TV over you two fighting.

Beam_er: Poor Baby.

Beamer: And then there was the time he broke my GI Joe when he threw it at you.

Beam_er: He bought you another one.

Beamer: Actually He bought me three of them. I wasn't supposed to tell.

Beam_er: What?

Beamer: Oh, I forgot to tell you. I sold one of them on EBay for 300 dollars last week.

Beam_er: Those junky plastic soldier toys?

Beamer: Yep. To some guy in Switzerland.

Beam_er: I didn't know you knew about Ebay?

Beamer: Actually the Announcer Dude helped me with it.

Beam_er: So your staying in touch with him?

Beamer: Yeah he was over last night while you were out. We had a couple of Cokes.