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Somethings happenin' here, But I ain't sure what yet.

Picture day

Posted by Beamer at 6:42 AM

Beam_er: What the heck is that?

Beamer: Oh, I couldn't get Blogger to take this picture on My Photo Blog, so I put it here instead. That ok with you?

Beam_er: So this isn't going to be a daily routine is it?

Beamer: Not to worry. As soon as Blogger gets it's act together, We'll be back the way we were.

Beam_er: 'Cause you know how I handle change.

Beamer: Yeah, not well and terribly.

Beam_er: Exactly.

Beam_er: What are you going to have for breakfast?

Beamer: I was thinking about making some pancakes.

Beam_er: You always make pancakes.

Beamer: No I don't I had Oatmeal yesterday. You always eat Peanut butter Sandwhiches. So What?

Beam_er: Well, it calms me down.

Beamer: You know that is a very crazy Idea, even if does work. I think it is all physcosomatic.

Beam_er: You take that back.

Beamer: Do you know what psychosomatic means?

Beam_er: No, but you take that back.

Beamer: It means in your head. I think you, thinking that by eating Peanut butter sandwhiches, that is going to somehow calm you down, is all in your head.

Beam_er: Well your wrong. It all goes to my belly, so there.

Beamer: Your absolutely right. I stand corrected. Sheesh.