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An Interview with Laura Botts ...

Posted by Beamer at 5:31 AM

This is a very nice Lady I had a chance to meet at Friend Feed. She was willing to grant me an Interview. I apologize to Laura for the delay in actually getting this Posted.

Laura Botts Interview -

Beamer: So Laura, You agreed to get interviewed by us cwazies. I can't thank you enough.

Laura: You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to our chat.

Beamer: I found you at a little social Place on the Interweb called Friend Feed. Have you been there Long?

Laura: I joined FriendFeed on July 1, 2008, after being on Twitter for several months. I prefer the conversations that happen on FriendFeed, personally.

Beamer: I agree.

Bobby: What's a friend feed?

Beamer: I'll tell you later. I love those shades you have on in your Profile Pic. Where did you get those bad boys at?

Laura: (Laughs.) I’m pretty sure they’re from Walmart. I’m thrifty like that. If I recall correctly, I bought them for a trip to New Orleans in 2005.

Beamer: I think I got mine at Walgreens.

Bobby: I wish I had some shades.

Beamer: Shhhh! Sorry about that, Larua. What Part of the Peach State you reside in?

Laura: In the middle, between Atlanta and Macon.

Beamer: So are you a big Fan of Bon Jovi? I think they do pretty darn good for themselves.

Laura: I like some of their things, mainly the big hits from the 1980s.

Beamer: I have never heard of Husker do before - are you a big fan of their Music?

Laura: I just started listening to them (and Sugar, both Bob Mould groups) last fall. A Twitter/FriendFeed friend turned me on to their music, and I really like it.

Beamer: I'll have to give them a listen. I also notice Andrew Lloyd Webber on your FM Mix. Your all over the place Musically aren't you?

Laura: Of course! I like all kinds of music. There’s a pretty random assortment in my life, but it’s heaviest on the Beatles. They’re my favorites by far.

Beamer: Have ever listened To Pandora?

Laura: A few times. I haven’t really gotten into it, though. I suppose I should give it another shot.

Beamer: Highly recommend Pandora for music, except it's just good in America. I noticed your a fan of Dr. Suess as well, eh?

Laura: Absolutely! I love those books. Such fun to hear and read, and the illustrations are great!

Beamer: What was your Major in College and which one did you go to?

Laura: I was a history major at Shorter College in Rome, Georgia.

Beamer:: I see you had Open Heart Surgery in 1995. Sounds like a scary time.

Laura: Yeah, it was a bit of a surprise to find out I needed it! But everything turned out fine.

Beamer: Glad to hear it. Is Frodo Your Dog? He's a beauty.

Laura: You might not say that if you saw him in person! He seems to be a lab/basset mix: lab head on a basset body. A friend of mine caught him in a humane trap in downtown Macon and named him “Frodo” because of his big Hobbit feet. Mr. B and I have three rescue dogs, Frodo, Tucker, and Bubba.

Beamer: Well, Thanks for the Interview. It was very Interesting.